Relatively little is known about Kinlaw apart from his name, Hamish Trevis, and his current location of Dorset. On first glance, it's almost impossible to pin his sound to any single genre but a range of influences can be heard throughout his inky arrangements that lead to his tracks taking on an alluring tone, albeit a slightly sinister one.

Recently, I was lucky enough to catch up with the promising producer and ask him a few questions.

To start off, there's not much about you online so could you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into making music as Kinlaw?

I'm a 23-year-old male currently based in Dorset. I started making stuff under the Kinlaw moniker during my final year at the University of Bristol but it wasn't until I became involved in an artist collective/gallery space called The Bristol Diving School that I started putting things out. Our HQ was on the Docks in Bristol and I used Kinlaw to push forward sound orientated works, which included a performance at Nomaden Etappe in Linz, Austria last year.

What do you do when you're not making music?

I work in a pub, collect house plants and read a lot of books.

Your bio says you are originally from rural Dorset, what kind of music were you exposed to whilst growing up? And in what way do you feel that has influenced you?

Growing up I used to go to shows in Bournemouth; the likes of Sunshine Republic and other drone/noise/punk based stuff but I couldn't pin point any music in particular that has shaped me to be honest (Other than perhaps seeing saxophonist Evan Parker at the Poole Lighthouse).

You mentioned you began making music whilst in Bristol, is it a good place, in your opinion, for music production? And Do you think being surrounded by such a diverse multitude of music has influenced you in any way?

To be completely honest, I was never really inspired much by Bristol and I never had the time to indulge too much socially. It wasn't until I went back to Dorset that I started churning out tracks.

With live sets becoming more and more integral to the electronic artist, have you been playing many gigs? And if so, what is your live set up like? How well does your music translate into a live environment?

Last year I played a bunch of shows and I have actually just come back from Stockholm where I played at Retreat festival alongside O F F Love, Holy Other, Fatima Alqadiri, Merely, Palmistry and a few more which was really great.

Generally, I try to make as many strange noises as possible in order to differ from my recorded works. I also do a bit of processing of field recordings and other noises but still have a lot to learn and am still working on what I can and can't do for my live sets..

You've recently done some collaborations with the likes of Bodhi Beats and BLVCKTUNIO. How you find working with other artists in this manner?

It's fun, there's plenty of interaction. My only hurdle is not being able to share the process

Following on from that, do you have any more collaborations in the pipeline? And who would be your dream collaboration?

I've also recently done some things with AyGeeTee who I would highly recommend to anyone. As for the future, I have some stuff lined up with Sun Angels of London (via Stockholm), which I am really excited about. I also have a few remixes coming up and am working with a few MCs, which is always fun.

My dream collaboration would have to be with Dolphins into the Future.

Name one album you couldn't live without?

Right now, it has to be E. 1999 Eternal by Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

Finally, sum up yourself in three words.

Real laid back.

Head over to Kinlaw's soundcloud to hear his latest tracks and mixes