Your teenage years are pretty formative ones by all accounts. You need only to watch any John Hughes film to see that pretty much everything happens when you turn 13 and your life is just never the same, mainly because it's no longer acceptable to watch Pokemon in your PJs eating the sugariest cereal your mum would let you have - though many of us still do that!

For Kito & Reija Lee, 13 was definitely an important age, being the first time the pair ever met. Now that teenage friendship has blossomed into a producer/singer duo relationship, producing sleek electronic music that have had DJs salivating and big name producers wanting to sample their work. We had a chat with the duo to see exactly what it's all about.

You've known each other for quite a while but didn't start making music together until a couple of years ago - what was the first track you worked on together and why did you decide to continue the partnership?

The first track we worked on together was 'LFO' which was released on Skreams imprint, Disfigured Dubz. We feel as though we touched on something fresh during that era of Dubstep. It worked, so we kept going.

Do you find it easier working together because you've known each other for so long?

We don't know it any other way and the longer we work together, the closer we get.

How did you both get in to making music?

The music stork came one night and we're still asking our parents where we came from.

You've said that you have quite defined roles within the group, with Kito on production and Reija on lyrics/vocals - was that a decision you made based on each other's strengths or just the best thing that worked for you?

We flipped a coin. Kito got tails and had to be the producer.

You just released your second EP II - what was the process of making that like?

This is the first EP that we've made where we worked together in the studio. When we wrote the Sweet Talk EP we were in different countries. We have to say that being in the studio together brings with it a magic that you just can't get over the internet.

Have you found that moving to London has affected the kind of music you make and given you more opportunities?

We've always been very inspired by music coming out of the UK and love living and making music in this city.

Kito & Reija Lee
Photo by Mathew Parri Thomas for The 405.

You reached out to Skream and Diplo via Myspace, who seem to have become like mentors to you and have helped you out quite a lot throughout your career - do you think it would have been more difficult for you to get noticed without the internet, especially as electronic artists? How do you think you would have gone about getting noticed otherwise?

Kito is from a tiny town in Western Australia and Reija is from Perth, so we don't think getting noticed by American and UK labels would have been very easy without it!

You've had a couple of hip-hop artists sample your songs, like Big Boi and Trinidad James - how did they come about and are you happy with how they turned out?

Both of these tracks came as complete surprises to us. At first it was a bit of a shock to have one of our tracks being re released by another artist and not being credited as was the case with 'Females Welcomed' by Trinidad James. Especially when the video came out and half the song was our original, with another girl miming Reija's lyrics! But the pros that have come with this experience outweigh the cons. And the Big Boi track we welcomed with open arms as we're big fans. Can't really complain about having had Juicy J, Big Boi, Ludacris and T.I. rap on your songs!

Have you done any collaborative work with other artists outside of making your own music and, if not, have you considered doing that?

We love to collaborate with other people and have both done it as a duo, and also separately. Reija works with her brother ShockOne regularly and Kito often works with Feadz from Ed Banger.

Do you have anything coming up you want to mention?

We have an Australian tour in October that we're really excited about and we're also playing the Mad Decent Boat Party in November. There's also a remix package for our EP coming out on the 26th of August with great remixes by Feadz, ShockOne, DJ Sliink and more!

You can find out more about Kito & Reija Lee by heading to their official Facebook. You can stream their latest EP by heading here.