Upon your first listen of Klangstof, many bands may come to mind. For some, it would be Radiohead, which would make sense as OK Computer was a massive adolescent influence, but for me, I can't think of an artist or group that is making music exactly like them.

We spoke with Klangstof's Koen Van De Wardt to find out about their new album, 'Close Eyes To Exit', which is out now on Mind Of A Genius. It's already one of my favorite releases of the year.

'Doolhof': This song was one of the first songs where I started experimenting with a lot of layers. The song starts off with a simple ms20 loop that keeps on building during the course of the song.

'Sleaze': I wrote 'Sleaze' after trying to write an outro for Doolhof. I have an old Italian synthesizer in my studio that sounds very '80s. Like the bad '80s. I started playing around with that lead sound and it kind of turned out to be pretty catchy and cool in the end.

'Close Eyes to Exit': I found 'Close Eyes to Exit' one of the most exciting songs on the album. It was quite a struggle to get all the different elements to work well together because they all sound a bit odd and off. The lyrics are about closing your eyes and listening to your inner self. It's a lyrical intro to 'Hostage'.

'Hostage': It's about being stuck and itching for a creative outlet. For the build-up I wanted to create a massive soundscape, and at the same time still feel very in control of everything that is going on in there. So I had to very carefully choose all the sounds and frequencies to pull that off. It's probably my favourite part of the album.

'Seasons': This was one of the last songs I wrote for the album. I wanted to have one song on the album that my friends could dance to. The only way to impress at parties these days is by playing upbeat stuff.

'Telephone': If the previous track was for partying, then this one is for the day after. Waking up, putting on some old clothes, and walking home with a huge hangover. I tried to use as less instruments as possible for this song. It mainly consists of just one guitar and some very softly played drums.

'Ignore Me': This is a song that really came to life when playing it with the band. I first had this completely digital demo that just didn't work. All of sudden we came up with this crazy aggressive ending with all instruments going full force. For me this still is one of the coolest songs to play on stage.

'Amansworld': This was the song where I wanted to get out of my comfort zone--write "funny" lyrics, play a guitar solo, do some hip-hop shit, and let the drummer go crazy on the fills. I think it is pretty easy to understand what the song is all about. I would just say it is a love song gone bad.

'We Are Your Receiver': It's about "leaving our offline selves behind." 'Likes' are a very addictive drug to people nowadays, and that scares the hell out of me.

'Island': It was the first track I ever recorded as Klangstof. The "Island" was one of the places I went to, to write new songs when I was recording demos at my parents little farm in Norway. I made a loop of me stamping my feet on the ground and clapping, and from there I just wanted to keep on building for as long as possible.

'The Butcher': This was the first song I recorded when moving in to my new studio back in June. I wrote the original song back in 2011 and it was one of those hidden gems I found on one of my random hard disks.