Langston Francis is an up-and-coming Toronto-based artist that grew up in the Kensington Market area. Recently he dropped his first official single, 'FCKD It Up', all the while still going to school as Francis is currently in the 11th grade. On November 28, Francis played his first headlining show at the Burdock in Toronto, but before his set, I caught up with the young artist and discussed his life, his career and his headlining show.

So, first things first, a lot of kids your age right now are coming home from school and you're prepping your first headline show, how are you feeling right now?

I mean, like I went to school, I still go to school, I'm in grade 11, so it's definitely kind of like a struggle to balance things, but when your kind of working for something that you're really passionate about, you kind of just find a way to make it work. So, whether that means you're out two in the morning some days and you're still waking up at seven a.m. to go to your first period class is just part of it, but it feels great.

So, I actually read an interesting thing about you, you buskered? I really want to know how that experience paved the way for you to be out there and perform?

I started buskering when I was 11, so like I did that for a while and it got me more comfortable. I think especially for these kinds of shows, like just acoustic and me and my piano, it definitely made me more comfortable because I've spent hundreds of hours playing on the street. And even though your buskering, you're sort of playing for everyone, but you're sort of playing for no one because it's like everyone's listening, but nobody's listening, so it's kind of cool because you're basically practicing on the street.

And I know like your parents and your mom she put you into music lessons, how do you feel, like a lot of artists write in their songs that their parents weren't supportive, so how would you feel if you had that kind of upbringing, even though you haven't?

I think definitely my parents have been a huge support to me and that's been really a pivotal part of my whole career and just kind of like if my parents discouraged me from going into music, probably none of this would have happened.

And for a lot of people when they show their music to their friends, a lot of people will be like oh yeah, your music isn't really that good or your friends might lower your own confidence, how have your friends reacted to your music career?

My friends, it's cool with them, they've always been super supportive. And it's funny that you say that because sometimes your friends might say like oh that's not good or whatever, but at the same time, also, you could show your friends something and then they're like oh that's great, but they're not actually feeling it, so it's important to notice that.

Now out of curiosity, who are you currently listening to as of now?

I've been listening to the 88GLAM tape a lot, I've been listening to Travis Scott, a lot of music and that new Trippie Redd album is really good.

And on this note, artists actually don't tend to listen to a lot of other artists because they start to take in influences and start to change their sound in music by accident without realizing it, do you see that as an artist too?

I definitely think when you're starting out and you don't have a sound yet, that's something that can easily happen, but I think listening to like a big variety of different artists could be nothing, but beneficial to you. Like when you're really listening to music, you're learning about history and it's like you have to know the history if you're trying to be an artist.

Now let's talk about the single that dropped, "FCKD It Up" explain the rollout of the single and your thought process behind releasing it?

Well, the single like we never thought when we were kind of deciding, like it's going to be the first single. Like I never thought that was going to be considered the single, I didn't even think the song was going to come out, like maybe down the road maybe. So, it was kind of cool to see it turn into the single. I think during the summertime is when we were serious about dropping it as the single, then we got it mixed and mastered and I was like this is actually kind of hot.

And back to performing as an artist, you opened up for Alex Clare at the Mod Club recently, tell me about that experience?

For a first show, it's a pretty big venue. It was really cool though, especially because I had dropped the single, it was really cool. I was like the supporting act for the supporting act, so I didn't think, I thought there would be 40 people in the crowd, but there was probably almost 200 people there, so it was cool. Also, to play for a bunch of people who don't know who I am and kind of see how they react to my songs, it was just a really great experience.

Now on the flip side to that, you're going to do a show tonight where you have a bunch of people in a room that are familiar with you and familiar with your music, how's that going to be feel?

I'm super excited for tonight, especially because I'm going to get to play a bunch of unreleased music and I want to, it's kind of cool to see people's reaction and what songs resonate with the audience. I'm just super excited to play new stuff and kind of catch a vibe with everyone.

It is crazy though, just going back to the fact that you're doing your show tonight and tomorrow you're back in school, do you have any plans after graduate?

Yeah, basically I think I'm going to drop these new singles, we might, well there's no plans for a project right now, but I kind of have that in the back of my mind. I've got tons and tons of unreleased stuff, newly finished song, but the plan, I just want to finish high school and see what happens this upcoming year with these new singles and kind of like get it all done. Just do more shows and maybe try and do some festivals, I kind of just want to take advantage of the incredible opportunity I've been given.