You may not be familiar with 20-year-old Liv quite yet, but that's about to change. A singer, songwriter and producer, she has the ability to do it all. Despite her age, Liv has already made considerable steps in the music world as part of SoundGirl, a three piece girl band that also included Sony Music's Little Nikki. However, the band split in early 2012 forcing Liv to start from scratch. She soon reconnected with production outfit Xeonmania who helped her find her sound and voice.

That sound, partly inspired by American R&B of days gone by (including the likes of Destiny's Child, Erykah Badu and Charlie Wilson) soul and pop debuts with 'Come A Little Closer'; a bouncy, wobbly R&B, pop-infused number that's sure to open a few ears and raise a few eyebrows. It's a pleasant fusion of pop sensibilities with groovy R&B at its central core.

Our conversation takes place in the middle of something of a freak storm. Rain is pouring down across the capital; so much so that our call got cut twice! She's calm, mild mannered and just really sweet, apologising as we reconnect and discuss her time in the band, what to expect from her musical output and her sporty background.

Tell us a little about how your new single 'Come A Little Closer' came together?

I've been working on loads of different stuff and I then wanted to write something a little more poppy, a little more urban maybe... Just something catchy! I heard the track and though "Oh, this could really work!" Then I started writing on it and it all just fell into place really. I got this in the end!

Is this different to the type of music you traditionally make? What would you say your sound is?

I would say it's a cross between R&B, a little bit of something more urban too, eventually you'll see a bit of soul maybe, the further along we go but at the minute, starting off, I think it's quite R&B based.

Going off of your influences (Erykah Badu, Musiq Soulchild etc) I would imagine the soul influences are inevitable?

Oh yeah, of course! I think I've always... Ever since I was really young, I've grown up listening to music and there was always music playing in my house so a lot of it is influenced from my parents, just hearing something playing and not having a choice at the time to not listen to it! [Laughs] That played a massive part. As I got a bit older, as you do, you start listening to your own kind of music you're into; you find what you really like. I loved growing up listening to Musiq Soulchild, Bobby Valentino and Cory Latif Williams... I love all that real R&B stuff which I try I guess to put across in my own stuff.

Are there any particular producers that you're working with at the moment?

Well, how it works with Xenomaina is, at the moment I just work on my own. All the writing and everything, I do all on my own but I'm sure eventually, once things start happening I'll get more involved with other producers. I previously worked with Gorgon City at the beginning of the year, which was really cool. I got two tracks with them on their album. But at the minute I work on my own but I'm completely into working with other people.

How did you end up getting involved with Xenomania?

Musically, how I entered into this industry, I started in a girl band when I was 16 [called SoundGirl] so as soon as I finished school, I went into a girl band, which was signed to Mercury/Universal. We did loads of great things and had a great experience, but as many bands don't work, we were one of them [Laughs]. But during the time it was going well, I went down and worked with Xenomnaia while in the band. Once all that came to an end, Brian [Higgins] got back in contact and asked me to come down to his studio and I guess the rest is history!

That's how it all kind of began for me. But now I'm on my own, doing the solo thing and it's going really well. I'm just enjoying being able to just... really know what kind of direction you want to go and hopefully follow it. It's really cool, I love it!

I know there's been a fair few bands that have come and gone in the last few years. Has your experience aided you to where you are now or has it been more of a hindrance?

Oh, yes! Definitely! Although it ended and at that time I was devastated, thinking how is my life going to go on? What am I going to do? But at 18 years old, I think because we had so many highs, like we toured with Justin Bieber, we did a video in Barbados... that was amazing then all of a sudden it stops and you think "Oh my God, what am I going to do for the rest of my life? Now where am I going?" It was horrible when it ended but having that experience and being able to perform in front of 20,000 people, getting to meet all these amazing influential people was great. To do that with two other people, especially being that bit younger, I wouldn't have changed that. It took me to where I am now. It was a great experience and it helped mould me as an artist. I think It's made it easier now doing it on my own because I was able to experience it and being younger with other people which was great, but now I am a solo artist, I know what to expect, I'm more prepared for it and it's not so daunting because I've done it before, alongside people but I think that makes it easier on my own. I wouldn't change it.

Little Nikki was also in SoundGirl, who signed to Sony Music and released a number of singles thus far. Do you still keep in contact with her?

We speak occasionally. I think the last time we bumped into each other was... I think at the BRIT Awards after party. We hadn't seen each other in ages and it was really nice to see her. We chat occasionally, like through texts and stuff.

What's your earliest musical memory?

I'd probably say, up until I was about 13 or 14, I was really sporty. I played football, did mini marathons, the London Youth Games... I was so into sport and thought I was going to enter the Olympics. When I was about 14, I did a school musical and I got the lead part so I thought "Oh God, maybe I can sing!" I loved it! Performing on stage in front of people, learning all the different songs, I just loved it. I then thought actually maybe I can try doing this as a full time job. I was lucky enough when I turned 16 after my GCSE's I went straight into the band.

A lot of up-and-coming singer/songwriters are collaborating with dance producers or outfits as an introduction to the masses. For someone who has already gone down that path, what are your thoughts and feelings on doing them?

I would never turn something down before even hearing it. I'm completely open to the whole feature thing because I think it sets people up for amazing things and I think it's great to be a part of all different types of music. I don't think I would do something if I thought it was so far away from anything I was doing that it didn't even make sense. I think sometimes that can clash with identities so someone could believe you as an artist then you do something that's so far away from what you're doing then people might question how true what you do is. I'd always make sure it made sense and it's something I could have on my album or EP and still work. I wouldn't want to do something that just didn't quite make sense to what I was trying to do on my own.

Apart from your own music, what else are you listening to?

I love Ciara, she's really good for a morning run playlist, I love it! I love Beyonce, I'd say she's my idol. I think she's just amazing. To even have a taste of what she's doing would be incredible so she's always in there. I love listening to track from back in the day too. I love Ella Eyre's new song 'Comeback'. That's a really cool song that I'm always singing along to when I'm driving to work.

Do you have any plans to do any live shows?

At the minute I'm putting together a live set. So hopefully by the end of this year, I'll have had a few tracks out and then we'll definitely be looking to start performing, doing a few gigs, maybe some support slots and just getting out there really. I love that side of it. As much I love being in the studio and just writing music, I love being on stage, performing and showing people what I've been working on for the last two years. I'm really excited to start doing that so hopefully it'll come soon.

What's the next step after this single? Is there going to be an EP or longer project coming?

I've got an EP which is basically finished and will come, I reckon by the end of the year. My main focus at the moment is to keep putting music out and keep people interested. Keep showing what I'm doing and giving an insight into what I love musically. Hopefully people like it.

What would you like your legacy to be?

I think... Hopefully if all goes well, I'll be doing this for a very long time. I just want to be remembered as a strong female artist that, if you're a young girl you could relate to something with it or if you're a guy you'd just want to sing along to it. Hopefully I can make a difference in everyone's musical life.