So Loop, describe your 2017 in three words.

Just the beginning...

You released the incredibly catchy 'Maybe I'm A Liar' recently, can you tell me a little about how that track was made?

Yeah, I wrote it with Toby Scott at his studio in Brighton a few months back. It was our first time working together and it was a lot of fun! We started from a totally blank page really - he had started a beat with me in mind and when I heard it the lyric concept came to me pretty much simultaneously with the melody idea.

It's basically a bit of a tongue-in-cheek storyline, describing one of those relationships that you always pretend you're sick of and are going to stop, but your friends (and you) know it's all a bit of a front and you all just play along with it whilst knowing in reality you're 100% gonna carry on doing what you're doing 'cos you're enjoying it!

And how would you describe your songwriting process?

I usually just go into sessions with no preconceived ideas of what I'm gonna write about. Obviously, you might have an inkling cos of whatever might be going on in your personal life, or dependent on what mood you're in or what music you've been listening to, but I'll barely ever have a title or lyrics already in mind. I like to work from the beat and see what state of mind it puts me in. From there I'll get my melody idea and from there, my lyrics will come! For me, that's how I get my most genuine songs.

Your style and artwork is really striking, do you do take the lead when it comes to your image?

Thank you! Yeah for sure 'cos I always have to feel like it's 'me' - my day to day image is really low-key, to be honest. Comfort usually comes first for me, but when I'm doing shoots or playing shows I want to show that fun sassy empowering side of Loop and get some bright colours and sexy/cool outfits going on! I'd definitely say I'm more sporty vibe than 'girly' but I do like to combine the two - and again, style is so dependent on my mood.

Recently I've been wearing stuff that makes me stand out a little more I think, which might have been inspired by my new platinum blonde hair... it kinda made me wanna be bolder to match up to it! And I think my recent artwork shoots have reflected that too - the MIAL shoot was an amazing team effort and everyone worked with me to really get the most striking and fun image that we could - and that we thought suited the vibe of the song. The whole pop art kinda thing really worked for it. I love the artwork for the next single too, which you'll be seeing soon!

You worked with Maximillian Hetherington on the video for 'Maybe I'm A Liar', how was that collaboration?

I did! He's awesome. He's done some amazing shoots and we knew he'd be the perfect fit for the video and artwork shoot. It was a really long busy day 'cos we had to travel down to Margate and then we had a lot to squeeze into the hours we had. He really brought the narrative to life I think, as well as the 'living pop art' style we were going for. I'd love to work with him again.

Your pop sound is very pristine and with a large number of artists breaking out making similar sounds (Sigrid, Tove Styrke) how do you plan to stand out with your music?

[Laughs] I've not heard it described as pristine before but I like it! Yeah, it's a seriously saturated market, female pop, but I genuinely don't think there's anyone else making the same kind of pop that I am at the moment. The Scandi babes are absolutely smashing it, no doubt, but I wouldn't put mine and Sigrid's/Tove Styrke's tunes in the same bracket.

I think my music is actually quite British, which I'm proud of, and I think the real raw specific nature of my lyrics (whenever I play new demos to friends they're like 'nope you can't put this out it could not be more obvious who and what you're talking about'!!) makes my songs more relatable and engaging for listeners. I dunno, it's obviously a tough one, 'cos there are so many talented female artists out there, and we're all vying for the same spots, but I guess if you're 100% genuine, and dedicated to the music you're making, then you've just got to hope that audiences can see that and feel that and they want to join your journey with you!

Female musicians are often compared due to sound and style, are you a big advocate for girls supporting girls? Which female acts are you currently loving?

100%. I actually have a T-shirt that says 'Girls support girls' cos we have to. Whilst there's a ton of female musicians out there, there are very few females in the rest of the business, so you've just gotta hope that we can all push our way to the top and balance out this massive inequality in the industry! And I actually believe that on the whole, we're all really good at supporting one another.

My female 'competitors' and I all go to each other's gigs and share each other's songs and big each other up all the time. Music can be quite an isolated world in some instances, so, to be honest, I'd much rather be doing it with a ton of amazingly talented female friends at my side, than gunning for the top alone. And oh my god I love so many.... we've already mentioned Tove Styrke. Tove Lo. Julia Michaels. Dua Lipa. Anne-Marie. Jessie Reyez. Nina Nesbitt. SZA. Halsey. So many women out there are owning it at the moment.

You got the chance to tour Europe with Jonas Blue, how was that experience for you? Has it given you headline ambitions?

Amazing! My first time gigging outside of the UK and I loved every second of it. And 100% it has! I actually have my first headline show in January which has nearly sold out already and I'm so excited for it! And yeah... when i get my first headline tour.. that's gonna be a pinch-me moment. 5-year-old-me will be very proud of present me.

In a changing musical landscape, what's your opinion on digital streaming services versus more traditional methods such as radio and download?

I dunno, it's tough. Like I really miss 'the old days' when artists were putting out proper albums and people were buying them in HMV... I still have so many CDs at my parents' which I can't get rid of 'cos like they signify a time in your life you know? Having them as downloads on your laptop and computer just isn't the same.

But then also, streaming services have been amazing for new artists - Spotify basically put me on the map by putting my first single into the global New Music Friday playlist! It enables artists like me to get a foot in the door. I don't think radio has lost its power - that's still very much a determining factor of whether you're gonna make waves as an artist - whether you get strong radio support or not.

Who would you say are your most direct influences on your sound?

It really depends on what day you ask me... I'm influenced hugely by '90s pop - Destiny's Child, All Saints, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson... then current charting pop artists of course, as well as anyone from Tyler The Creator to Tame Impala! Everything I listen to has an impact on what I write.

What do you have planned for 2018? Are we likely to see you touring again soon?

A lot! My first headline show, my next single, then another single... writing trips to Europe and America, gigs, festivals, and a lot of writing! I literally cannot wait. I think it's the first time in my life I've been excited for January.

And finally, for anybody who hasn't discovered your music, in another three words how would you describe it?

Sassy emotive pop

LOOP plays Thousand Island in London tonight (17th January, 2018). Tickets are all sold out.