Having produced one of the strongest debut singles I have heard in a long time, I jumped at the opportunity to catch up with LULS when they came to Reading to play Sub 89 on tour with Swim Deep and Spector. Aside from being one of the best emerging bands on the music scene, they also turned out to be one of the nicest as well.

After lead singer and bass player, Adam and I had finished reminiscing over the fine city of York the interview began. The boys were obviously excited to start their part of the tour with Swim Deep and Spector who had been on the road for a few weeks already but were showing some new bands nerves as well. We were nearer their allotted sound check time and Swim Deep hadn't event begun theirs yet. Regardless, the prospect of playing with such great bands and friends was obviously something they looked forward to.

Adam says "It's a privilege to be able to support like these guys who we respect and we really love their music and we like" after guitarist and singer Shaun had said if they didn't get a sound check it would be "another night of wanting to lay down in a dark room and adopt the foetal position" as drummer and singer Ben chips in saying "we try not to let it show." Thankfully, there were definitely no nerves on show after they went onto put on a stunning show.

Then Shaun went to try and defend himself about comparisons he made between Motley Crew and Spector before we got down to the band's plans if they survived this tour of debauchery. Back to the studio is the general consensus. The tour gives LULS the opportunity to test their unrecorded material on potential new fans and afterwards they hope to put out another single and then hopefully it will all culminate into a album or EP. And hearing them perform new songs like 'Coming Again' and 'Never Let It Go' I am certain that LULS are going to follow up their success of the first single by going from strength to strength.