MAAD is more of a modern creative hustler than just a millennial renaissance woman. She does it all, juggling her modeling, DJing and artistic careers with self-assured ease, but she does it with more spunk than you’ll find on the entire island of Manhattan.

It's also a personal and professional trait she's been able to harness and inject directly into her funk-infused debut EP, which is set for release later this month. So far, MAAD has already formed a buzzworthy aura around her from recently released singles like '90's Love' and 'Black Ice.' So get to know R&B's next star before you miss out and end up faking the funk.

So there's a lot going on in your world. I was doing a lot of reading about what you have going on and I came across a line that I loved in a press release that could be taken as your mantra. "MAAD is on a one woman mission to bring throwback funk and soul influenced sounds back into the music scene." So tell me about that mission.

I think that my whole mission mainly is to definitely give love through my music. A lot of my music has a lot of funk influence in it. I think that just because the fact that my mother and father used to constantly play that type of music in the household, it just kind of sticks with you. I think whatever you grow up listening to is what you're mainly influenced by, especially as an artist. My mother would listen to Diana Ross and Nancy Wilson and Luther Vandross, so it kind of just stuck with me through my whole little journey.

And you're naming your upcoming album after that mission. Le Funk.

Yeah, it's called Le Funk. I believe it's seven records, three being 'Black Ice,' 'Sweet and Low' and '90s Love.' That should be out within the next couple of weeks. The project is basically funky. Out of the seven records, it's hard for me to pinpoint my favourites but obviously '90s Love' is on repeat for me right now, not just because it's out, but because I love the meaning behind the record. I also have a song on the record called 'Touch me' featuring Ro James. So that's exciting. I want to say that that's coming out soon before the project, but I'm not sure.

Where did the inspiration behind the 90s theme come from on your latest single, because it's safe to say you were way too young to have a 90s love.

I'm so inspired by the 90s. I really love the fashion from the 90s and I really love the movies and the idea of love. It seemed very genuine then. Love seemed like it was real. At least that's what it seems like when I watch things like Love Jones and Love and Basketball and things like that. The music felt so genuine and real which is what I loved most. And I feel like when we were writing that record, we just tried to write a song that felt like, "Damn, they don't make them like this no more". And I'm not too sure that they do.

Girl, you're telling me. Forget them. So when it comes to your album, it sounds like you knew what you wanted from how you wanted it to sound to what you wanted in its themes. How did you go about choosing who you wanted to work with on the project to bring that to life?

I work with a production company called Produced By The Vamp. And the great part about the relationship is that we're all friends. So it kind of just worked out. We were able to take the time creating the project. We all had ideas. Sometimes we would just have little jam sessions where we would sit there and just try and come up with ideas. When we created 'Black Ice,' it was very much us sitting there playing with different sounds. I reached out to this songwriter Trey Campbell and he came into the studio and he helped bring the track to life. It was a great experience. It's always great just working with your friends.

A lot of people may just be getting acquainted with you and your music from your recent singles but you've been doing your thing for a few years now, from modeling to DJing. What does this represent for you now, this project and this accomplishment?

I think this project is my whole coming out, really. DJing and modeling has definitely helped keep myself out there and productive and it's definitely helped for me to help fund my project as an independent artist. I'm just excited for it to come out. It's just been a while since I've been able to have music that I feel like is genuinely me - it's playful, it's fun and it's sexy. And it's music that I feel like I'll be able to fully perform. I hope people just accept it and love it like I do.

What have you been learning from the process of delivering it, as an independent and going through the motions of what that means?

I'm learning the business a ton. We're in a different age in the music industry and if you want to be an artist these days, you've got to do artist development on your own. There's no one necessarily who is like, "This artist is dope, let's sign her and help make her into this thing." You really have to know who you are as an artist and I feel like that's when all the pieces come together when people reach out to you and are interested in working with you. That's when it all comes to life. For the most part, it's been an interesting journey. I've been able to teach myself the ins and outs of the business, the right people to work with, I can tell you budgets for videos and all kinds of stuff. So it's been a good experience. It's helped me so that when the right people do come into my corner, I know that they're right.

You have a really joyful vibe. Everything about your aesthetic is colourful and vibrant. But on social media, you're also not afraid to speak out in terms of the election, socio-political issues, so how important/difficult is it to balance everything that's going on in the world around you with the opulence and freedom and joy of your music?

When I watched 13th the other day, it just had me in tears. A lot of times, people have to know the history in order for them to progress and really know why things are happening the way they are. With this election, it's very scary to me. I think there's a lot of hate that's happening when people have so many opinions and on social media, everyone has their thoughts and ideas and they don't necessarily care about what the other person is going through. With this project, I just really tried to make songs that are happy, that will uplift people and that will inspire them. I think if I just continue to make music that has emotion and feeling, it's fun, people gravitate towards things that make them feel good. I'm just praying with this project that it will come together. Plus, I'm already started on the next project. So I'm excited.