As far as endorsements go, having your latest record released on 7" by one of the UK's best new record labels is a pretty strong one. The combination of 'great new UK band' and 'great new UK label' is a pretty good business model in our opinion, and this was showcased beautifully last week when Outfit released the delectable 'Two Islands' (backed with 'Vehicles') through Double Denim.

The label have already released some of the best singles of the year, and 'Two Islands' is another to add the list. We're not here to kiss those guys asses though, we're here to talk about Oufit, and what better way to do that than to catch up Andrew Hunt (vocals, guitar) for a short Q&A.

Debut single 'Two Islands' and B Side 'Vehicles' already show a diversity to your sound, do you think it's important to be open genre wise?

Well the way you perceive a genre is a fairly personal thing, I think there’s definitely times when different members of the band hear a song differently. For us when we’re learning to play a song, stylistics come secondary to a decent melody and idea, and it’s at that point, when you’re choosing sounds and arranging that genre becomes apparent, we’re lucky to be able to be quite free in that respect.

How did being signed to Double Denim come about?

Well they have a really clear and interesting aesthetic and I think we’re a natural fit. They’re putting out our 7” and we’re really proud of it.

Being a Liverpool based band, what's your favourite local venue?

The Kazimier is Liverpool’s best venue. It’s independently run by some really creative individuals and with a great aesthetic, who take in a massive range of influences to create a night that means something. It’s really changed Liverpool.

The artwork to 'Two Islands' is quite ambiguous, what is the artwork of?

The artwork is a still from a video piece I made, and is generated with televisions and feedback loops. We started experimenting with video work and photography at the same as we started making music with Outfit and they’ve developed in tandem really.

How did you think of the name 'Outfit'?

Thomas came up with it. It’s pretty much a blank canvas. I like to think that it sounds different to different people.

Are there any plans to record an album or are you just taking it as it comes?

We’re always trying new things. We hope you get to hear them.

You just recently got a Twitter, was this a logical step?

We only got a twitter so we could find out when Tyler, the Creator takes a shit.

You list The Beach Boys as one of your influences, do you think you bring any parts of their sound to your own?

Have you become accustomed to playing live yet?

We’ve always written and recorded stuff as a band so we’re very used to playing with each other, and having played in a wide variety of groups in the past we have a natural intuition between us, which I’m really excited to show people. We’ve got a couple of shows coming up and some new songs that are going to be a blast to play.

  • October 9th @ The Kazimier, Liverpool with Cloud Control
  • October 12th @ Nation Of Shopkeepers, Leeds with Craft Spells

You can visit the band by heading to