Taurus Tremani Bartlett, known by his rapper name Polo G, is an upcoming star in the rap world. Born in Chicago, Polo G started gaining a name for himself releasing records on YouTube that amassed millions of plays, culminating in his new record out now, 'Pop Out', featuring Lil Tjay. I recently had the pleasure of talking with the young rising artist, discussing growing up in Chicago, his debut album and his career.

So, I wanted to start by asking you about growing up in Chicago and with your family, just touching upon that?

Growing up in Chicago, like in the early stages, it was really cool. It was innocent and fun. Like early, it was just a fun vibe, very family, like you could go anywhere, but as I got older and that innocence changed because of gun violence.

Was music sort of your escape from that early on or how did you first get into music?

As a kid, all throughout, like I think I was 9 when I made my first song, ever since I was a kid, I just used music as an outlet for expressing myself.

And at what point, because I know you started releasing music on YouTube, when did you realize that you were seriously starting to gain traction and when you decided that music was going to be your passion?

It was the reaction that I was getting and it was being received really well and I was gaining a fan base, so that’s what made me realize that I needed to be more involved in this than the streets.

In terms of the soundscapes that you’re making with your music, how would you describe your own music?

I would describe it as very descriptive. I feel like as vocals and sound, I got a unique sound. Like I know how to carry a really nice pitch and tone and my music, like for the songs I’m making, it’s storytelling, like when you listen to my music, you really feel like you were there.

Now talking about the debut album you just released, Die A Legend, can you talk about its release and the success that it’s having?

The album is doing really well, it exceeded expectations and it’s something I worked on day in and day out trying to make it the perfect sound, the perfect project and everybody’s been saying it’s one of the best projects to be released and it feels really good because I put so much work into it.

And in terms of the work, when it comes to the debut album, how much work went into it before its release, how important did you feel like it needed to be?

I definitely wanted to make a statement, I wanted people to know that I’m here as an artist and I definitely feel like I got that message across. For me, for a debut release, you have to show that you belong and I did that.

Another part of being an artist too is performing your records, what does it feel like to perform and see your fans?

It’s always exciting and fun and a humbling experience performing in front of fans and their singing and rapping back to you word for word, like I enjoy that aspect a lot.

Now one of your biggest records right now, 'Pop Out', can you talk about the release and seeing the positive reception the track has gotten?

'Pop Out' was really a song that came naturally. I had a wrote the verse when I was in Atlanta and I showed the song to Lil Tjay and he hopped on the track and after that sitting in the studio all day, we finally reached a point where we could agree on and that was pretty much it.

Yeah and the reception for the record has been really strong, and I know you touched upon before about the success of your career and with this song as well, does the success still come as a surprise or are you now getting used to it?

I’m used to it now, but I surprise myself every day. Like, I’m just going through the motions of my career.

I can tell that you sound like a really confident person and you believe in the work that you’re doing, where does the motivation stem from?

My son. My son who is on his way here soon and my first child. That’s what motivates me the most, I know I want to make an example for him, set an example for him, so that motivates me to keep pushing.

The album just got released, but I would like to know what the rest of the year is looking like for you?

For the rest of the year, I’m already working on my next project that I plan on releasing before the year ends, that’s pretty much it and just going through the motions, working every day until my next project finishes.