It’s only April, but we’ve already heard a ton of great music. The eclectic display of talent has been dizzying, but we always want more and New York-based act Prelow are here to satisfy that hunger. Most of the background behind the duo has been draped in mystery, which has allowed the music to do the majority of the talking. Tracks like 'Backseat' and 'Mistakes Like This' show why they have a promising career ahead, as well as the recent crop of singles they’ve released ('Good People Do Bad Things', 'God Must Have Been High', and 'Goes To Shit'). Ken Grand-Pierre linked up with the duo (Jesse Aicher and Matt Walsh) ahead of a show in New York to find out what lies ahead for Prelow.


The main thing people have responded to is the low-key nature of how you’ve presented yourselves and your music. Has it been a good feeling, knowing that people are responding to the music rather than you as individuals?

Matt: When we first started posting our music on SoundCloud, we didn’t have any social media. Some of the songs we posted went viral on a small scale, and it felt really good that people were responding to the music without any context. Now that we have social media I think people are getting to know us as people a little bit more.

How has it been prepping for this tour coming up?

Jesse: We’ve put out some new songs since our last tour, and it’s been fun working them into our set. We’re only a couple shows in but people in the audience have known the all words to some of our new songs, and that feels good.

Matt, what are some things you’ve learned from producing music that’s helped you when it’s come to working on Prelow?

Matt: I still use the same types of sounds that I used to use before I started working on Prelow. I think when we use sounds that are usually only in hip-hop, but in a more indie context, it makes our music more unique.

The track I heard of yours that really spoke to me was 'I Don’t Wanna End The Night'. How did that tune come together?

Jesse: That song started with this wall of sound I made from sending sounds through lots of delays and reverbs. We added the drums and other production elements after that. I wrote the verse first, playing the song on acoustic guitar. The chorus was the last thing.

Talk to me about 'Good People Do Bad Things'. It felt like you wanted to challenge whatever perception people might’ve had about your music.

Matt: That song came about in a normal way for us; we weren’t necessarily trying to challenge any perception. Jesse had written those lyrics first, and we used that over a beat we made together in LA.

'Goes To Shit' is another tune that’s gotten a response from people. What do you find yourself thinking about when that tune comes up?

Jesse: I find that song really funny actually. I always think about the times I’ve had good intentions, and they’ve been comically misinterpreted.

Matt: I mostly think of the sessions we had with our friends London O’Connor and Phoebe Ryan. We wrote that song with them.

What would you say is the magic that happens when you guys are writing and recording together? What’s that communication like?

Jesse: We do talk about what we want to do, but a lot of times we’re taking turns laying down ideas, and we’ll go back and edit them later. I think it’s cool cause Matt will have ideas I would never have.

Matt: We both have different musical backgrounds and influences. But it doesn’t really feel like we are compromising our tastes or personal styles when we work together. We add different things, and one of us picks up where the other left off. It usually happens naturally.

The way you met is quite a story. You met at NYU, started working together and then a producer, David Kahne, heard 'Mistakes Like This' and wanted to work with you. What was that experience like for you?

Matt: It was exciting from the start to work with David because he’s worked with many artists we look up to. After a few sessions of working on 'Mistakes Like This' together, the song had gotten way better, and it was clear that we worked together well.

Jesse: Yeah that guy is awesome. Happy to call him a friend.