A Utopia Like Toronto.

On June 1 at the Mod Club, uTOpia Music Fest will be taking place. The event's main focus is to highlight the incredible musical talent in Toronto. Recently, I had the pleasure of talking with Quincy Got Rich, a rapper who's slated to perform at the festival. We talked about what got him into music, his life and his career.

First things first, what got you into music and who are you influenced by?

I grew up around a lot of music. Not rap, but a lot of reggae, dancehall, house music, a lot of rock and punk. Anything but rap really. I always made music, but when Lil Wayne's No Ceilings 2 came out is when I really got interested in rap. When it comes to my own music, it's people like Curren$y, Lil Wayne, Clipse, Dipset, Kanye, Pharrell that I really look to.

Now you recently moved from London, Ontario to Toronto, tell me how that move has impacted your career?

With not much to do and them being relatively close together, going to Toronto, cooling downtown is what a lot of people were doing for fun anyways so I was always in Toronto. In Toronto, is essentially when I started taking music seriously. It connected dots for me. Living downtown made me the person I am today. New people, new experiences bring new things to talk about. But I like to think I bring out a different, brighter side than Toronto is used to.

Now, in an age where dropping songs on Soundcloud or other music platforms doesn’t automatically equal quick plays, how did it feel seeing large plays so early in your career?

You never know how it's going to go, so it was amazing to see everyone supporting, especially all the love from the city. Not only am I fortunate for my fans supporting me I'm forever grateful to have the team I have helping me every stop on the way. And there's no way I could be here without the help of both sides.

In particular, you have a song with Derek Wise called, 'Cutty' that has seen huge traction, how did that collaboration come about? And can we expect more from the two of you?

I met Derek through our manager Quincy and we been cool for a while now. Derek's really one of the only other rappers I like to send tracks to. Him hopping on 'Cutty' was definitely big for the track and you can expect more from us in the very near future.

Now you’re slated to perform at the upcoming Utopia Fest at the Mod Club, how did that come about and how are you preparing for that?

I actually slid on the Utopia line up last minute, probably like the day before it was announced. I'm doing what I can to prepare for the madness. Shoutout Utopia for getting me involved.

And when it comes to shows, your catalogue of music isn’t that large, so can we expect some new music from you soon? And when can we expect your first official project?

All I can really say is to get ready for summer 2017 because there's too much in the vault.