Raffaele Weyman, professionally known as Ralph is a Canadian singer/songwriter from Toronto, Ontario. She released her self-titled debut EP in 2017 and is now preparing to release her debut album A Good Girl this upcoming September.

Known for crafting synth-pop, disco-infused soul, Ralph has made quite the name for herself - culminating in a nomination for the IHeartRadio MMVA for Best New Canadian Artist. And before the show started, I chatted with her about her upcoming album, the process behind crafting it and deciding to change things up sonically, her upcoming shows, and of course, the nomination.

First things first, you’re releasing your album September 28. Tell me how it feels to be releasing this new body of work?

It’s excellent. You always imagine that it’s a lot easier to make an album than it is. I have been writing songs for the past year and every time I’ve finished a song I'd tell myself this will be an album song, this will be an album song and then you keep writing and make better songs and then all of sudden you have way too many songs! And you have to kind of figure out which ones make sense all together. Which ones do I love the most? Which ones do I want to present to the world as the next chapter of me?

So, on the upcoming album, which is your debut album, how many songs were cut?

Oh my god, tons! And it’s sad to cut them because there are a lot of songs that I firmly love, and like, there’s collaborations that I did with people that I love, but I tell myself though the songs are not dead. The songs that don’t make the album still exist and who knows I could rework them and kind of revisit them and put them on future releases.

How long have you been working on this album?

I would say about a year. A year and a bit maybe.

Deciding when to release a project is often a painstaking process. With that being said, does the time feel right for your new album?

I think so. Originally, I wanted it to be a summer album, but so many albums come out in the summer that you do have a lot of competition, so I’m happy. And oddly, September has become a theme in several of my songs, so I think it’s cool to have it out in September. It feels fresh coming out in autumn. You’re going back to school, new things are happening, it’s cool to have an album come out that’s a start to a new year and new chapter.

You’re about to go on tour soon, are you feeling excited about playing new songs from the album?

Totally, yes! Me and my band are learning them all now. We’ve been getting such good reactions to all of the new stuff we’ve been playing and it’s just exciting to be actually performing it and showing the people all the new songs. And there a little different from the old stuff too. There’s a bit more of a contemporary flair as opposed to like an '80s sound. And that’s something that I wanted to intentionally move away from, but there’s always going to be an '80s synth element, but I wanted more of an R&B influence, a little bit more bass funk influence and people have been responding really well.

Now in terms of growing and making new music, are you ever worried about having fans that know you for a certain sound and then changing up like you’re saying? Do you see that as a risk or do you see it as necessary growth?

It’s always a risk. There’s always going to be someone that goes 'oh I liked it better when you did straight up '80s', but you can’t let yourself get restrained because of a fear of losing fans. You just hope that the fans will kind of grow along with you and respect and admire slight changes and you’ll build new fans too.

You’re also going to Europe to do shows as well, have you ever played over there?

These are actually going to be the first ones. I’ve been to Europe many times and written there and done music in studios, but I’ve never performed there yet, so I’m excited, but I’m a little nervous too. Like what’s my fanbase across the ocean, you know? There could be an unexpected amount of people or five, you never know. I’m excited regardless.

And for the reason we’re here tonight, the award show, you’re a nominated for Best New Canadian Artist, how are you feeling about that?

I’m feeling good. You know it’s a pretty steep competition, there’s a lot of talented artists in the category with me, but I’m super happy either way. Like The Beaches are nominated and they're friends of mine and I love them and they deserve to win, I’m truly happy for whoever wins.