Summer is flying by and the jam-reggae hybrid band Roots of Creation, comprised of the original trio Brett Wilson, Tal Pearson, Mike Chadinha and later joined by Billy Kottage, Andrew Riordan, and Nick Minicucci, are in the midst of a packed tour schedule, including this week's Camp Bisco.

Tell the 405 about the band (its beginnings, background, changes over time, etc.)

Tal (Keys): Roots of Creation was founded by Brett. Mike (Drums/Sampler) and I (Tal) started playing in the band when we were all in college. Since then it has been Brett, Tal, and Mike seeing the band through a number of evolutions to its current state with Andrew on sax and Nick on bass. After navigating around the jam scene for a few years, the band has shifted toward a more reggae/rock centric vibe, but still stays honest to it's jam band roots.

Who do Roots of Creation feel they are most influenced by musically?

Tal (Keys): I think for the band it's changed a lot over the years. Phish and the Grateful Dead, Sublime have always been big influences, but a lot of contemporary reggae artists have a big influence on our sound now too. Lately, there is a lot of Stick Figure, Slightly Stoopid, The Movement, and Damian Marley being played in the van. You can check out and follow what we are jammin’ to on Roots of Creation’s Spotify playlists.

How does the band adjust when playing for a larger crowd at a festival verses an intimate show in smaller venues? Do your song choices or setlist vary?

Tal (Keys): Sometimes with a more intimate crowd, we have to start things a little slower and work to build the energy. Festival crowds are usually ready to party, get down and dance though! We always read the crowd and tailor our setlist to what we think will hit the hardest. Sometimes we change things up and fly by the seat of our pants!

If you could create a new genre for yourself, what would you call it and why?

Tal (Keys): Rootjam! We really like playing reggae but have a hard time not getting a little jammy sometimes.

What’s the story behind the band’s name? How do you view your name as part of the band’s identity?

Tal (Keys): The band name comes from a Sublime song that I believe was a B-side on the Badfish single. The name pretty much sums it all up - sounds reggae and jammy a the same time, and coming from a Sublime song I think just always helps keep that vibe in the back of our head, and that we should live up to it.

Who would Roots of Creation dream of playing with and where would the show take place?

Tal (Keys): Some of these dreams have already come true! Getting to play with our friends - Stick Figure and Slightly Stoopid - at Jungle Jam in Costa Rica was a trip. We've never played with Rebelution so maybe a show with them and The Movement somewhere in SoCal. Or New Hampshire! I think those bands would appreciate New Hampshire.

Musically (and/or personally), what would the band like to see happen for themselves in 2017?

Tal (Keys): We've toured to the West Coast twice now this year, and I personally would love to visit for a third time. We've had some great things going on out there and we want to continue to build on that momentum. Sign up for our email newsletter (and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram) and be the first to know how you can become involved in the making of our new upcoming studio album produced by Errol Brown (Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Rebelution).

What are you most excited for at Camp Bisco? Are you planning any surprises for fans during your set?

Tal (Keys): Too Many Zooz!!!!!! Those guys slay.

We’re always taking music suggestions! Leave us with one song to listen to after reading this.

Tal (keys): Check out the new single by The Movement - 'Siren'!

All tracks, albums, and merch can be purchased on their website. Tickets and information for Camp Bisco are available here.