L.MC: I obviously know the background of S4U but shall we start by telling the readers about yourself and Prinz George?

P.G: We're a collective that have been working together in one capacity or another for a while. We're telling our stories through a warped reality. We always seem to gravitate towards each other every once in a while when Mercury is not in retrograde.

As I understand it, S4U is an evolving collective of young artists based in London. Who was at the core of the making of 'TWICE'?

R.B: On this journey through space and time, we came across Pink & Green's Zealah Anstey at a samba studio. The movement evolved naturally like the curls on Zealah's head. She became heart, Josh Homer, our director, the brain, the dancers the limbs, you were the eyes, I am the voice, Prinz George the pulse.


A lot of the stuff from the video was second-hand, I feel that's true to us and where we're at in our lives right now. We both shop in local markets and charity shops, do you ever see this changing if our lifestyle and budgets changed?

R.B: We will always support the people who need it the most. The connection to clothes and the previous owner's stories is fascinating to me. That people have experienced individual, unique secrets and journeys in these layers.

P.G: We just have to look to the left or to the right and you see that everything you need is already there, our boys down in Soho running Dukes Cupboard (a Soho-based vintage market stall) had our backs when it comes to our videos.

So the initial vibe for the styling of the video was the girls from the dance routine in the film Fish Tank, combined with Rosita's favourite film Mi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life), what is it about chola fashion that appeals so much to you?

R.B: I feel very at home with a thin dark lip line and a white glossed infill. These women of Veteranas and Rucas have a timeless glamour that embodies difference and strength in character. I feel there's a deeper kind of beauty hidden beneath their plaid shirts and boyfriend size jeans.

Tell us about the dance routine in the video, I don't think anyone's seen anything like that for like ten years, who choreographed it?

R.B: Myself and my twin Zealah Anstey choreographed the dance in a box flat and a samba studio. Like Prinz said, if you look you around you, you realise everything you need is already there waiting 4U. We asked some sisters if they'd like to join our quest, they flew.

P.G: And now we're all flying.

You can visit S4U on SoundCloud, and Lily Ann Galt McLoughlin on Instagram.