On January 30, I had the pleasure of going to Toronto artist Saya's listening party for her debut project, Chills & Thrills. At the event, Saya performed and the next day, her EP was released. And after seeing her perform and listening to her project, I wanted to learn more about her, and with that, I managed to nab an interview with her about what made her pursue music, her career so far and what's next.

First things first, before talking about the new project, I'd really like to know what really got you started into making music? And at what age did you realize that music was more than a hobby and that you were really going to put your all into it?

I’ve always been creative and I’ve always wanted to be a performer - Ever since I was really little, I just knew. I always took my art seriously, but I never knew I could turn it into a career. That was until I went to LA for the first time when I was 19, where I realized that there was more to life than just going to school. That trip changed my perspective on a lot of things and ultimately opened my eyes to pursuing music as a career.

And now getting into the music, there is a lot of sounds and different genres mixed into your songs, it's hard to really put you into a genre, so how would you describe yourself artistically?

I am a fusionist of sound. I take elements of whatever I am inspired by and blend them together in a way that is unique to me. I am still a pop artist, but I would like to push the limits of what pop music is.

Now to start your career, in 2016, you released your first single, "Wet Dreams," but here you are finally releasing a full-fledged project in 2018 called "Chills & Thrills," how have you progressed in the time spent building up to this moment?

The project had been done for a while... most of the songs off of it are a couple years old now. I feel I have really developed as an artist over the past few years, experimenting with sounds and processing new experiences.

And when it comes to your debut tape "Chills & Thrills," what were you trying to get across throughout the project? I noticed your music is really cinema inspired whether it's your artwork from your singles or your music videos, can you explain that too?

Everything on the project was created in a time of change for me. The past 2 years of my life have been really amazing and strange in a way - learning what I want in life, learning to love myself and realizing who I don’t want to be... I don’t think there is one main message throughout. The music is about lust, greed and temporary pleasure. In regards to my creative direction - I am inspired by all mediums of art. I love vintage aesthetics in general (fonts, pin ups, horror and slasher films). I incorporate that influence to create an interesting juxtaposition with the music and who I am as a person.

Now in diving deeper into the tape, you have two features from artist Knucks on the song, "On Ice," and artist Kris on the song, "Paid," how did they each come about and how did they add to the project you created?

Both features didn’t happen organically. I was aware that I wanted features for both tracks and had those two artists in mind for each song. I think they both added something special to each song. They both compliment the tracks in their own way.

So, with your "Chills & Thrills," project finally out into the world, what can we expect from you from the rest of 2018? Will you start to do shows in support of the project? I did notice in 2017, you did a few shows like the one at NXNE, how was that experience? And can we expect more music later in the year?

I’m going to be dropping much more music this year. Music I’m really proud that I made. It’s all very exciting. NXNE was a lot of fun, it was my first festival. It was also my first experience performing on a large stage and I absolutely loved it. I’m sure I’ll be playing more shows this year.