Earlier this year, at only 21, now 22, Norwegian singer-songwriter Sigrid won the 2018 BBC Sound of Music, being one of the youngest winners ever. More recently, she released the excellent 'Sucker Punch', which has seen been getting an amazing reception. I spoke with the artist over email about growing up in Norway, what got her into music, performing at the local festival Oyafestivelen, winning the 2018 BBC Sound of Music, joining Maroon 5 on tour in 2019, and much more!

Can you tell me about growing up in Norway and what the music scene is like over there?

Yes I can! So, I grew up in a really beautiful city called Ålesund - which is a small town on the west coast of Norway surrounded by breathtaking nature. But yeah, more nature than music. There wasn’t a proper music industry growing up, but I had some great music teachers (s/o to Johan and Solveig) plus some great helpers and friends in a company called Momentium that owns the studio I recorded my first song and my upcoming debut album in, plus 3 festivals and a venue and more stuff. I remember I wanted to get out as quickly as possible in high school, but now I want to be there all the time, typical, I know.

What got you into music and who are the artists that influenced you?

Music was always around me growing up, as both my parents and my siblings are into music. it’s the small things - like the speakers being placed in our living room, the old black upright piano right next to the dinner table and the guitars nearby. It was so easy for us to just put on a record whilst eating or play for 2 minutes after a meal. I think the fact that it was all about the love for music and not the competition or anything made me come back for more. And artists! We listened so much to 'Rehab' by Amy Winehouse, Duffy’s debut album was also a big hit at home... Joni Mitchell, Chet Baker and Neil Young are some of my parents favourite musicians. Throw in some Coldplay, Ellie Goulding and Adele.

Now I know you performed at Oyafestivelen what did it feel like performing at the festival, considering it's your home?

I was so nervous! Playing in Norway is the best and the worst at the same time. It’s like everyone is so supportive and I really want to give it my best. I always want to give my best, obviously, but it’s something different when you’re home-home. And the Øya festival actually booked me when I was 17-ish, so they’ve been there from the start. But yeah... once I got up there this time with the band it was all cool - I’m so glad I managed to enjoy it!

Now when it comes to music, what's your songwriting approach to crafting songs? And in between the release of your first two EPs, how much have you and your songwriting grown?

Hmm.. you know it’s just a lot of talking. I like to have a cozy studio (preferably a bit quirky!), shitty coffee, a piano and a nice person who I connect with both on a friend and a musical level. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. And that’s ok. And oh! I actually don’t know to be honest. it’s hard to analyze my own music as I’m actually making it. I hope I have grown lol, but there’s definitely some things that’ll never change.

And earlier this year, you won the BBC Sound Of 2018. How did you celebrate the win? It's massive!!

Thank you! I celebrated with my team, and it was really nice!

You recently performed on Jimmy Fallon, how was that? And what do you feel like is the difference performing on tv oppose to concerts?

Ah that was cool! A big honour. But yeah there’s a big difference in the two! I’m so excited for touring!

Now you recently released a new song, 'Sucker Punch', can you talk about that and why you felt like this should be the first song to come out after releasing Raw?

I’m so proud of that one! I made it together with Emily Warren and Martin Sjølie plus some production with Odd Martin Skålnes, and it was great. A good hang and a good song! It’s the single because we love the song. When you know, you know!

And now you've released two EPs and are now working on your debut album, how has the process been so far and what does this album mean to you as you're working on it? Also, what was the process like behind making the two EPs?

It’s fun! I don’t want to reveal too much of it, but it’s on its way. I can promise it’s going to be something I’m proud of. And the process behind those EPs has been the same - coffee, piano, talking, good people, I’m lucky!

And finally, you're going to be going on tour with Maroon 5 next year, how are you feeling about that?

Yeeeees! I’m definitely ready to watch them perform, and I can’t wait to play myself! See you there!