It's Sigrid's first time at SPOT Festival, and also somehow the Norwegian popstar's first time in Denmark ("I know it's embarrassing, all my friends are like "whaaaaaat?"). But for anyone in the audience at her show, it will have been worth the wait - a kinetic bundle of energy on stage as she served up some, quite frankly, glorious pop bangers.

It's interesting as the energy and moves as seen on stage is befitting to her character as a person when we met - full of energy and positivity, bright, and just generally a delight to chat to.

The 20-year-old, fresh off the release of her Don't Kill My Vibe EP, spoke to Tim Boddy about the pleasures of writing pop songs centred around difficult and sad times, her current hometown of Bergen, the songwriting of Ariana Grande, and hit Norwegian TV series Skam.

So the EP was released this week?

Yes, yesterday!

You must be pretty excited about it, having people actually listen to it?

It's very exciting and weird at the same time. I'm just glad the baby's out there, you can't do anything more about it. It's always like, you're working on mixes and masters right before you release it. I'm thrilled for having it out and I'm very proud of it - I think I'm allowed to say that?

Yes, and you should be.

It's a really good summary of how my past year has been. The EP has a lot of sad stuff, but I've had a good time over the past year and it's been amazing. I just find it more inspiring to write about difficult stuff than the easy stuff..

That makes sense.

It's just hard to make "I'm so happyyyyy" sound good in a pop song, it's just too "happy clappy".

Yeah. I find it interesting because obviously the music itself that you make is quite upbeat, but having that sadness to it (it terms of lyrics) makes for a more interesting dynamic.

Yeah exactly. But, my goal for 2017 is to write a happy song... without making it too cheesy.

That fine line. If you were trying to describe the EP to an elderly relative, or someone not really in the music world, how would you describe it?

It's a pop EP. It's definitely my goal for my music that I'm making in regards to the EP - I wanna make people listen to it, and offer some nerve so people go "aaaaaah! What is she singing about?". I don't want it to be music that fades into the background, to not have a definitive top and bottom that goes smoothly. I mean I love that kind of music, but that's not what the kind of music the EP is. The EP is definitely about contrasts and dynamics.

I hope it's just something that people like. Everything is very personal, it's a summary of my life really.

I hope that makes sense? It's a funny thing, as you can talk about music in super... I guess using big words, and some music is like that and you can be very analytical about it. But sometimes, like for instance with 'Fake Friends', I remember in the studio we just wanted to make a good song, wanted to make a good minor-based song that had a big chorus. That's it!

It wasn't as complicated to write as 'Don't Kill My Vibe' (this is with the same guy, Martin Sjølie. He's amazing, he's a good friend of mine and we work a lot together).

Yeah that's absolutely nothing wrong with making an all-out really good pop song. It's a difficult skill.

It is... the most difficult thing is to write something that is easy and catchy. It's not as difficult to write something that has a lot of stuff going on. That's the thing with everything I think. Well it is for me.

For example in high school with writing tasks, I had American and British politics and history as my chosen subject and so would write essays. I would remember that my teacher was like "Oh you have to write 10 pages" and I was like "Wuuuuuuuut?! How is that even possible." But then you end up writing 15 and have to cut down, and that cut-down part is the most difficult part.

The editing process, yeah.

And that's the same with pop music for me. It's not that hard writing it all, it's hard getting out the stuff that really matters in the song

Yeah, condensing it to that deliverable format.

Yeah, and pop music is all about... well, I'm not going to sit here and say "Oh this is how you make pop music" as I really don't know, I'm just trying things out. But for me pop music is about an effective sound, so you have this hook - boom. They're just right in your face.

SPOT: Aarhus

So you have background in dance of some kind?

Yeah.. yeah I did dance for 10 years, but not professionally at all, just after school kind of dancing. I did hip-hop, classical, modern, and jazz.

Wow, quite varied.

Yeah I did it a lot and I loved it. It was just a local dance school. I've always been fond of learning and fond of working after school. I love working with stuff when you love what you're working with. I remember doing politics that was one of my favourite subjects, and even thought that was the toughest subjects with the most hand-ins and writing, I loved doing it.

I also studied politics two months after high school in Bergen, as I knew I'd want to move there after high school in Ålesund; my brother had been living there for five years - I'm pretty sure the 405 has written about my brother! But thought it was also a good idea to move there as that's where the music community suited us the best; it's more indie than Oslo.

I was going to ask you about that - what's special or unique about Bergen comparative to other music scenes or locations?

I do like Oslo too (my dad is from Oslo) and it is really cool. The thing is the only people I knew in Oslo at that time were people from the industry and I didn't know any musicians. From Bergen I only knew musicians, so I thought that was maybe a better start; to get to know other musicians and to work with them. That's what I needed at that point as I had a record deal. I just love Bergan and it's really nice there. It's a nice place to live, and a nice place to travel away from?

Yeah, that makes sense.

It's so nice to come back and I'm always very grateful to come back to the rain. I appreciate the rain! But when it's sunny in Bergen it's the most beautiful place.

I'm hoping to go there at some point soon.

Yeah? Well, we have this festival called Vil Vil Fest. That was where we played the first gig with me and my band and the new songs. My first proper gig with new stuff for two years and it was really fun. That was at the same time as the signing for the International label, so I remember the whole team came over, it was a big moment in my career. Just had a really good time on stage. So you should go there!

Going back to your dancing, does that feed into your live show at all? Do you do any kind of choreography or do you just go for it?

It may look like choreography, but it's not choreographed [a long discussion ensues about the past tense of and pronunciation of the word choreography]. I love dancing on stage and I love not having any specific choreography. I love having the opportunity to do whatever I want on stage.

To just be free.

Yeah! I'm like "I'll do whatever I want" and that's fun. And I love dancing for a bit, and the breaking out or start running, or standing still or something. I remember two years ago when I did a couple of gigs - as I took a break from music to finish high school - after that break, I've moved out from behind the piano and I'm out in front now, and I love it. I was behind the piano in every gig before that, and I hated being upfront. I was very shy...

Something completely different; tell us about your childhood cat(s) and how I believe a band was named after them?

Oh yeah! Sala Says Mhyp. This band with my sister. Mhyp is a family word that doesn't exactly mean anything, just like "oh Mhyp Mhyp". It's weird and I don't know how to explain it. But yes that's the name of the band. My sister lives in Madrid now so it's hard to have a band with someone in a different country. But she's a great singer - she's the singer of the family I'd say.

Wow, you have a very musical family. Have you ever thought about doing some big family collaboration with your siblings?

Yeah we've done that! We had a tradition for a couple of years where we did these Christmas shows, these shows back home in Ålesund, all super cozy. I would play with everyone back home.

They're very supportive, and they're my best friends. I'm very close to my family. My sister usually checks my English spelling and checks how I pronounce words as she's lived in a few countries. My brother and sister listen to every demo. They're great.

Your biggest fans in a way...

I'm their biggest fan! They're my idols

Awwww. Who are you enjoying at the moment in terms of music? Can be contemporary or anything..

Can I check my playlist? I'm a playlist person... I've listened a lot to Yanin Bal. Chelsea Jade. New Lorde

Oh yeah, 'Green Light'.

Yeah, so good. Ariana...

I'm seeing her soon.

Oh where? [a long-ish conversation ensues about if tickets are sold-out and where she's playing]

So, I listen to a lot of Max Martin stuff; Max Martin is my songwriter idol. Him and Julia Michaels hands down are the best. 'Bad Decisions' by Ariana Grande is a Max Martin song. What the fuck is going on with that chorus? It's so good you know?

[An attempted bit of harmonising takes place of this while Sigrid plays the tracks]

Because the chorus comes out of nowhere, it comes before you think it's gonna come? That "aaaaah-aaahhh-ahhhh". I've also listened to a song called Gikk I Bakken in Norwegian - you should check it out it's really good. Have you watched Skam?

I've been meaning to!

It's really really good, I'm a huge fan. But this song is from the show. I listen to a lot of Norwegian music - also Imogen Heap. The new Haim track, I love it. Maggie Rogers. And plus all of the old stuff like Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, and also Coldplay. And Skepta.

I usually listen to songs and I'm not that good at listening to albums. I'll put on an album if I have friends over and I'm cooking (which isn't happening that much at the moment). Oh and 'Cigarettes & Cush' by Stormzy. Kehlani. Actually, I've listened to her album and it's cool.

You can find Sigrid over on Twitter. She's very entertaining.