Sky Keller is on her way up, garnering a solid fan base and chatter among critics. Her debut went number one on Hype Machine. She’s just getting started.

With her latest single, ‘Bad’, Sky goes dark. She confronts those feelings she’d been avoiding for too long.

The 405 got to know Sky Keller a little better while discussing her latest single, ‘Bad’. Stream this track we love and meet the singer eager for a resurgence of sincerity in popular music.

What are some of your earliest memories of music growing up? Was music a big part of your childhood?

I remember making my mom blast music in the car. I knew all the lyrics to the songs that were popular at the time. I’d replay songs over and over again. I didn’t like silence- I always needed some kind of musical stimulation. Music was definitely a big part of my childhood. You could always find me in my bedroom strumming on the guitar or playing the keys. I couldn’t wait for the bell to ring at school, so I could go home and create something new.

How has your sound evolved over the years as you’ve grown as an artist? What were those early songs like when you first began writing and recording?

I feel like it’s at a place where it no longer fits in a box. It’s a blend of different styles in one. It took time to create the sound, lots of trial and error. I finally feel like I’ve locked it in, and it’s a really great feeling. The early songs were less honest. My lyrics were vague, I feel the music had less dynamics.

Your debut single, ‘Don’t Get It’ reached number one on Hype Machine’s Popular Charts. How did it feel to get that initial feedback to a debut?

I honestly didn’t expect that for my first release. I mean, I totally believed in the song but was modest about how well it would perform. Seeing it reach number one on Hype was an amazing feeling. It made me feel like I was doing something right in the creative process. I felt inspired knowing that people were connecting to my truth in some capacity.

With your latest single, ‘Bad’, not only the vocals, but the music is heavier, a little grit to it. What inspired the track?

‘Bad’ is definitely heavier than any of my past work. I was feeling heavy emotions when I wrote the song; it naturally came out in the music. A person I cared deeply for inspired the track. We didn’t want the same things and I was frustrated because I felt like I was fighting for something I knew I could never have. I wanted resolution, but the person was nonchalant about the outcome. All the anger, sadness, and frustration I felt at the time inevitably added grit to the song.

With the internet, it feels like you can learn anything. Do you believe this makes learning to be a recording artist, guitarist, beat maker, etc. more accessible to those it may not have been to in the past?

100%. In this day and age, there are a plethora of resources available to people whom want to perfect the craft of music. People with innate musical talent have the opportunity to live their dreams and have great success.

Are there any trends, sounds, etc. that excite you about putting out music today? Is there anything you’re wanting to hear and see more of from young artists?

I connect with the sultry, moody sounds that are popular in music right now. I love creating it. It has really influenced my style and how I write songs. In regard to young artists, I want to listen to music with honest lyrics that are vulnerable and expressive. I feel that allows the listener to truly connect. 6lack and The Weeknd do a great job at this.

Lastly, if you had the opportunity to duet with any living singer on a song of your choice, who would you sing with and what song would it be?

I would absolutely love to do a duet with 6lack. He is by far my favorite artist and it’d be a dream to sing with him. I think it’d be cool to sing 'Killing Me Softly With His Song' by the Fugees.