In a short amount of time, Swedish artist Snoh Aalegra is making waves in the R&B scene. A talented vocalist with an incredible range, Snoh signed to legendary producer No I.D.'s Artium label last year. No I.D. was instrumental in helping shape both Common and Kanye West's early careers. With Snoh recently releasing her debut EP There Will Be Sunshine, she tells a personal and soul-stirring story about life.

A day in the life of Snoh Aalegra seems very routinely, but after moving to LA, under the surface, things have been hectic for the singer. "I usually start off my day with working out or dancing. I find myself daydreaming a lot during these activities, it's almost like meditating to me. When I'm not locked in the studio I'm still always busy with other things around my project. Rehearsals and prep for my release. I try to make time for friends as well but it's tough to have a normal social life when you've chosen this path that I've done."

The journey didn't begin in L.A., Snoh signed a major deal as young as 14 in her native Sweden and from her songwriting, it's evident that she possesses a gift. "I wrote my first ever song when I was 9 years old! It was very innocent and made absolute no sense whatsoever. As life went on and I actually experienced real love, heartbreak and loss I became more personal with my writing. I got my first major deal at 14, that's when I started writing for a living. It's one of my favorite things to do... encrypt little messages into songs and then release them to the world. It's therapeutic, even though it's unlikely that anyone will understand my secret messages, it helps me in a really weird way."

Snoh's vocals are orchestral yet raspy, they work in harmony. She also possesses a distinct vocal ability that commands whatever beat she rides. The single 'Bad Things' featuring Common and Burning Bridges, an earlier release that didn't make the EP, are candid tales of the human experience. On 'Bad Things', Snoh speaks about our curiosity and attraction to the things that can potentially harm us. "I'm describing how I always want to touch the fire to really understand that it will actually burn me at some point. I think a lot of people can relate to that. I'm also trying to express that we are all the same, but just different versions of each other."

Approaching a release of a project can be a frantic period but it appears that 'There Will Be Sunshine' offers a serenity to both Snoh and her fans. There's a blend of harmonious melodies and spoken word, a trend amongst artists at present. The EP itself tells a story, 'Bad Things' represents our darkest moments, whilst There Will Be Sunshine presents a hope that everything will turn out okay. "I feel like My EP is a good introduction to me and what I'm about, it's personal, storytelling and emotional at the same time. I have been through a lot of rough times in my life so you will definitely get those vibes but also the vibe of hopefulness, because I truly believe that 'There will be Sunshine'

Few emerging artists have the privilege of working with the man that produced iconic albums such as Common's Resurrection as well as working on Kanye West's 808s & Heartbreak. "It's been such an amazing and rewarding journey to work with somebody that possesses so much experience and knowledge. To have someone of that calibre believing in you, helping you create and form your project is truly a blessing. I've learned so much from working with No I.D. and just even being around him and see how he operates, both technically and mentally. He's truly a beast at what he does!"

The landscape within music is everchanging. Artists are finding new and interesting ways to reach their fans, with that, the industry has had to adapt. It's certainly a belief that Snoh herself shares. "Artists are now able to do whatever the heck they want and reach a broader audience thanks to the internet, there are no real rules for anything anymore, anyone can now express themselves to an open audience plus have direct distribution through their social [channels], and that to me is very powerful.
" By making There Will Be Sunshine available for purchase on iTunes and streaming on SoundCloud, Snoh's acknowledged the needs of her fans and the overall music consumption habits. "It's all changed so much, growing up seeing all these changes has been very interesting since I have an old school meets new school approach to everything I do."

Snoh cites a number of artists as pioneers in music. If you've followed Snoh's music on YouTube, you'll understand that she has an appreciation for Frank Ocean. Many artists you speak to will cite Frank Ocean as an icon. In such a short time, he's ascended to R&B royalty, someone Snoh would relish working with. "Oh yes! Frank Ocean is probably my favorite 'new' artist to have come out the past 10 years, I put him up there with the greats." Alternative R&B has come a long way in recent years, the sincerity in the songwriting has made it one of the most appealing and projects such as There Will Be Sunshine. "He really changed the game of R&B with Nostalgia Ultra and his fantastic album Channel Orange. He is such an incredible, clever and tasteful songwriter/artist." On the subject of inspirations, it's natural for artists to look to those whose art impacted music and the world. Snoh frequently speaks about the influence Michael Jackson and her favourite album. "If I really have to choose one album thats been impactful, I would I have to say BAD. I know its not Michael's most envelope pushing or the most creative of them all, but it is still an insane record! It's the album I grew up listening to the most as a kid, so I happen to have so many memories and just life experience attached to it. But I really appreciate all his work."

The role of an artist nowadays is an interesting one. We've seen Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and Lady Gaga venture into other fields due to their creative abilities. "It's such an individual thing and it definitely depends on what you want to accomplish with your art. But I assume most creatives would love to reach as big of an audience as they possibly can, usually the ones that say they don't are probably lying. I feel like when you reach a certain level and a bigger mass you should try to use your voice to contribute to something more important and bigger than yourself." Throughout history, artists have used their platforms to speak on a wide range of social issues. Recently, we've seen musicians such as Talib Kweli speak on the situation that arose in Ferguson, Missouri. Snoh is also no stranger to this. "Well, I'd like to use my voice to make a change and help out the best I can in certain fields that are close to my heart. A few years ago, I used to do some work for organizations like Action Aid and Green peace, I will at some point try spend more time in those fields again. When it comes to more artistic creative fields, I want to get into acting and designing, its interests I've always had, but I want focus on my music first."

Music has a way of touching people due its relatability. R&B has found a way to truly express heartfelt emotions in a way that almost seemed superficial before. In recent years, we seem to have arrived in a place where it truly gets under the skin. This is what Snoh Aalegra hopes to achieve with her art. "I wish for them to feel something, I hope I can touch them in some way or another and inspire them."

You can find Snoh Aalegra over at Twitter and Instagram.