Three years of writing off the West Coast of Ireland and alongside the dusty plains of a small town in the Australian outback is a hell of a way to create an EP, but that's exactly what electro duo Solomon Grey, otherwise known as Tom Kingston and Joe Wilson, did for their new single 'Electric Baby'.

As is always the case when it comes to legend versus reality this wasn't exactly the "Bon Iver escapism experience" some may take it to mean, as singer Joe sits down to explain before their gig at the Hoxton Bar and Grill. "We had a bit of a rough time for a while and we basically packed up our studio and went to Ireland because there's a place we can write out there in the middle of nowhere. Then Tom's wife ended up having to look after the farm she was raised in in New South Wales, so when we finished the session in Ireland we were writing in the farm in Australia... Lots of bands use that idea of getting away from everything, but sometimes that kind of freedom can be a little bit maddening." So maddening that it took three years to finally find the perfect chorus to their new single? Keyboardist Tom agrees that of all the songs in their latest EP, 'Electric Baby' is the one that encapsulates their strange journey. "The chorus is a bit of a cry out - it was quite personal to us. We were at a stage in our lives where - not to over dramatise it - we just thought do we say actually it's too hard just to spend three years making an album, or do you go we've gotta do it and find the strength and do something different in life?"

Hearing the song alongside the full EP, it's clear that the anguish and frustration both felt at the time of writing has at least production wise paid off. Although having already released two singles last year (Gen V, Firechild), Solomon Grey's latest feels like a rude awakening - smooth yet strangely dark, catchy yet tinged with a wide-eyed loneliness that only a mad trip from one fairly large island to another gigantic one can facilitate.

It's an epic feeling that translates to their live gigs too, as on stage the duo open up into a fully formed five piece band. "The way we produced it [the EP] was everything was recorded live" says Tom "but then we overlaid it with a layer of electronics so it was kind of in-between a live drum kit and a programmed drum kit. We felt to pull that off and to give the show what we needed to make it work live it needed to be a band. So when it came to doing it live and putting the band together we found some great musicians to work with and to make it all happen. It gives the music another dimension."

Pushing themselves to the next level whether on stage or off isn't a new circumstance for the pair either. Having composed a score for the BFI film Gozo (coming out later this year), created a soundtrack for Tourism Ireland and gotten the go ahead to play Latitude Festival for the first time in just over a month, they certainly aren't afraid of adding extra strings to their bows outside of the typical "write songs, go on tour" routine of most musicians. For both Tom and Joe, the new EP is another stepping stone into discovering themselves outside of the band as well as what Solomon Grey means to them. "We saw making our music like putting dots on a map that says who you are as an act and for us 'Electric Baby' gives you a dot on that map that's maybe quite poppy and hooky. We're hoping people get that sense of a side of our music." With a potential album surfacing towards the end of this year and the duo's musical production skills proven in both studio and live settings, the next mark on the map for Solomon Grey will no doubt be just as unpredictable and compelling.

Solomon Grey's new single 'Electric Baby' is out now on iTunes.