So first things first, that name, talk me through it?

Tilde inherited it from her great-grandfather, it was in his will. He came up with the name during the Great Depression, it was the only thing that kept him happy.

How long have you guys been making music as a four piece?

Since September 2015

You’ve just released your first EP Four Waters, how have you found the reaction to the music?

They’ve been great, we’re happy that people enjoyed it!

I read that you formed via Twitter, what’s your opinion on digital platforms and their ability to share and connect music with people?

It’s amazing how the internet has developed in a way that allows us to communicate with people so freely from all over the world. Everyday we read stories about how people find new best friends, the love of their lives, and a pretty good deal on a barely used mini-fridge (which of course will be used to cool beverages for when hanging out with your new internet pals).

But of course, digital platforms have made it much easier for others to access our music through e.g. Spotify in comparison to us trying to hand out our fire mixtape outside Camden station.

Was it quite surreal to see ‘Closer’ appear in the US Spotify Viral Chart?

It was actually funny that we ended up there and not on the Swedish viral chart - but really, it's always fun and surprising to end up on any chart.

You’re based in Stockholm currently, how is the music scene there? Is there a lot of option to collaborate?

Every other person is practically a musician here in Stockholm and there are collaborations in the sense that one’s producer friends help you out with a recording or vice versa.

The great thing about the Stockholm scene is that everyone practically knows each other and often end up playing shows together and collaborating in different types of way.

You’re preparing for your first London headline show on Feb 3rd, how are you feeling about this one?

We are super stoked! This is our first gig outside Sweden and it feels great to have our international debut in London since we are big fans of the British music scene.

Can we expect to hear some new music being premiered from perhaps the next EP?

Oh yea baby

Have you guys visited London before? Do you have any tourist spots you want to see while you’re in the city?

Elias actually used to live in London so he has seen it all (east London represent), but it’s always fun to go through Camden market.

Siri and Tilde once visited London with their choir and took a grand tour of the local churches - so we are pretty hyped to get spiritual, local style! We mean, we’ve already experienced the tourist spots through the films Notting Hill, Love Actually, and Jonny English. But what we truly are psyched for is Nandos.

Are there any British bands coming through that you’re particularly excited about?

Tom Dunne, Smooth Ends, Alex Burey, Lonely Comets are all local London bands/artists to keep an eye on!

What were your top three albums of 2017?

Tilde: Frank Ocean's Blonde, Laser & Bas's Historier om kärlek i okronologisk ordning, från det sexuella uppvaknandet till idag, Riga Tiger's Jag håller inte med om din åsikt och jag är beredd att döda dig för den.

Edvin: Lorde's Melodrama, Alvvays' Antisocialites, Dolce's Av liv och grönska.

Elias: Vulfpeck's Mr. Finish Line, Homeshake's Fresh Air, Grizzly Bear's Painted Ruins.

Siri: Bonobo's Migration, Future Islands' The Far Field, Fever Ray's Plunge.

And what three albums are you most excited for this year?

Elias: Delagoon, David Byrne, Justin Timberlake

Siri & Tilde : Alice Boman, Jenny Wilson, First Aid Kit

Edvin: Arctic Monkeys, MGMT, Sarah Klang

I know it’s early days in terms of your life as a band, but what are your current goals/dreams for Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes?

Recording an album and go on a proper tour!

Who would you say are your biggest influences on the band’s sound?

Broken hearts, anxiety and puppies!

And finally, in speed dating style, if you had to sell your sound and your show in one sentence. How would you do it?

See previous answer, but also cool moves!


The band play the Sebright Arms on Feb 3rd. Free entry, all info here.