In 2003 Northampton spawned The Departure, a time when guitar music was reaching its most recent peak. Signed to Parlophone within months of forming, the band quickly learnt the reality of signing with a major label, as they were dropped after just one full-length release.

Lead vocalist and guitarist David Jones whose strong vision for The Departure had been simply rejected rose from the ashes with his new project Strangers. Formed in 2010, they retain an 80s feel similar to that of his previous band, but as Strangers are exiting the earths atmosphere, The Departure were at times trying a bit too hard to be different. I caught up with David in-between recording sessions for their debut album and upcoming single release, 'Safe / Pain'.

Annoying as it may be to him, I had to ask him about his thoughts on his previous band and whether he found the whole experience, in hindsight a blessing in disguise. "The Departure was a great time of my life, but it feels so long ago now that it feels like a different lifetime; I think I've improved as a songwriter and become less arrogant, haha." And, while he still looks fondly on his earlier works it's clear he finds Strangers much more satisfying creatively, "I still love our debut album [Dirty Words] and the excitement still shows through on the record, but I genuinely think the stuff Strangers are doing is in a different league." Indeed, his love of music is pure saying "we just try to release the best songs we can and we love it when our songs connect with people, it's what making music is all about!"

Having released three EPs during the course of 2011, I wondered why he was teasing fans with mere slices when we clearly want the whole cake to ourselves. "Well we have an album ready, well, pretty much. We're just building our profile and playing as much as possible to build a fan base." I agree that they should wait until the best possible moment to release their debut long player but even constant releases have left many salivating for more. "The album could be later this year, we have just returned from a productive studio session, we want it to be a classic."

While we wait just that bit longer for an album, earlier this year the band released 'Shine On You', a track that would go on to receive support from the likes of Mary Anne Hobbs and Radio One's Huw Stephens, even featuring on the BBC's Formula 1 coverage; "Yeah, we've been enjoying our continued growth as a band, it feels like we are slowly getting to where we want to be."

They haven't strayed too far away from the stage either, dipping their toes at regular intervals including a handful of support slots with Niki & The Dove earning some new followers in the process, "Niki & The Dove were great, a real presence. We went down really well and people were coming up to us after the shows saying they were now Strangers fans." So too, playing the 'Shine On You' launch party at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, an area of London where you can never predict a crowd. "You always feel the pressure of a London show because you know there's going to be haters in the room, but I feel we played a great show and the audience were receptive."

To end the interview, I attempted to delve deep into Jones' mind and find out what fuels his creative process and whether the source of his dark, sombre lyrics are influenced by personal experiences. "My best songs come from a place I have no idea about consciously, god that sounds so arty. But seriously, I'll be sitting on Garage Band working on a set of chords or something and half an hour later there'll be a song. Other times they are intentionally about personal experiences yes. The way each song is written differs which can be annoying, as I'd love it if there were a formula I could stick to. Although, I guess that would get boring too. My girlfriend is also my muse and has been present in the creation of some of the best Strangers songs."

So, while Strangers are going to keep us waiting just that little bit longer for what we crave most, they are doing their best to keep us topped up for the time being, slowly building their profile at the same time. One things for sure, it's going to be one hell of a party when they finally get round to releasing that much anticipated album.

Safe / Pain is released August 20 via Beatwolf Records / Stranger Sounds.