One of the great revelations of the 21st century is the mass recognition of the legitimacy of what is considered “pop” music. Having always been a soundboard for the latest trends, what we see now is that poignant production applied to artists and compositions that are rooted in more experimental and DIY proclivity.

Enter Teddi Gold. An artist getting comparisons to Holy Child, Charlie XCX, and Lily Allen, She brings her eclectic music background and steadfast artistic integrity to the table. In her latest single, ‘Video Games’, Teddi Gold details the frustrations of modern romance when all your partner wants to do is play video games. Through a playful but bold composition, the narrator finds themselves pushing deeper than a lover’s quarrel and pondering how technology is affecting all our relationships.

Get to know Teddi Gold a little better as you listen to ‘Video Games’ and try not to dance to the all-too-familiar pangs of frustration with communication.

Where did you grow up and was music/ art a love from the start or did it come later down the road?

I was born in Seattle, but moved to the Virgin Islands when I was 9. I then relocated to Los Angeles when I was 12 with my dad and his boyfriend and have been here since. All three places are rich in music and I definitely have drawn influence from them. I have always loved music, especially live music; and I used to dance in St John’s annual carnival. I actually started off writing poetry and it naturally evolved into songwriting.

Who were the artists/ bands that when you listened to them, cemented in you this was your path to take as well?

Patti Smith is a huge influence. Just Kids is one of my all-time favorite books. She talks about how she knew she was an artist, but it took her a while to really find her medium. I have the same story. Started off acting and writing poems; I then tried photography, ultimately finding music, which immediately felt like my home.

How have you seen your music evolve over time? Have you always had that experimental side when it comes to production and composition?

I have been involved in many other projects which helped me filter things I liked and disliked. It also lent itself towards me having a clear vision of what I wanted to create as a solo artist.

The effects used in 'Video Games' balance so well with the lyrics, working on multiple levels. Are you finding more artists using sound technology in a purposeful way like this? Do you see any risk of over-use?

There is definitely a risk of over use and I went back and forth trying to decide if this was the right move. We actually took out all of the video game sounds at one point, but then I missed them, so we slowly added them back in until it felt good. I have seen some artists using sound technology in a purposeful way. In fact, the Charli XCX song 'Boys' somewhat inspired the 'Video Games' soundscape. I’m also a big fan of foley and I am incorporating that into my production as well.

What excites you the most about the current state of pop music?

That you can experiment with all kinds of sounds and mix genres. There is no longer a traditional popular sound. People are getting experimental and that excites me. I still value the integrity of pop sensibilities in the top line.

Lastly, if you were given complete creative control and money was no object, what would be your dream "one night only" Teddi Gold performance (city, venue, theme, guests, etc.)?

HAH! I love this. I would probably do a one night only in Tokyo. It’s one of my favorite cities. I would want bright colorful lights, bubbles, back up dancers, confetti, and the whole audience jumping up in down singing with me. I’d also wear a bright pink surrealistic body suit with sparkles and white knee-high boots (by the way- I do own this already). I am really looking forward to playing live.