Entering Proud Camden, which is now slightly glitzed in the lowly lit room by subtle disco lights, I scan the room for Tess. Amongst the leather-clad and perfectly scruffy haired it doesn't take long to spot her, the hypnotic, doe-eyes spotting me back. I have arrived approximately 17 minutes late, not on purpose of course, but Tess didn't seem to mind a bit as she told me where to get the free whiskey.

Having grown up in Toronto, Canada, at roughly age 12 or 13 Tess Parks began writing her own songs and predicts she now has around 300 to her name. At 17 she made the move to London in the hope to pursue her career in music and to study photography. And she takes lovely pictures, using them to document her life.

Now at 24, she has her foot firmly in the ground of the psych-rock world, buddies with many we can only dream of, including Brian Jonestown Massacre's brain Anton Newcombe, who she this year wrote an album with, Joel Gion, who she toured with this summer, and fellow Canuck Mac DeMarco.

Last year saw the release of her debut album Blood Hot, which is the most blissful, groany blend of a strong coffee and sexy Jonestown riffs. Despite achieving all she ever hoped for, Tess seems to have her modesty securely attached, whilst managing not to be phased by meeting some of her childhood heroes. I apologise for being late and we chat Noel Gallagher, astrology and positive thinking, whilst sipping whiskey, before her beautifully spooky solo performance.

So how have you found England so far?

Manchester has been one of the best I think.

I was looking at the statistics in Canada and the amount of space you get is crazy, do you feel like you're a lot more spaced out there?

Yeah, London is really intense and scary but, no not scary, just like it's nice to be in somewhere like Dartford where I can get away but then I come into London, play the gig and I get to go to sleep where there's no ambulances or horns to wake me up at night or whatever.

How was the tour with Joel Gion this summer?

Oh yeah! I forgot! That feels like so long ago.

Does everything seem like it's happened really quickly?

Well I don't know how it's November already, oh my god summer was amazing.

You've started to get a lot more attention recently, but can you imagine yourself being really famous?

Well I don't really notice attention or whatever because it's like it's just me working in a linear fashion. It's like you work with one person like Anton and tour with a band that people know about [and] all of a sudden you get recognition but really nothing's changed about you. You know your life's just the same. Sorry your question was could I imagine myself being famous! Not like Lady Gaga famous and not the kind of famous where you get stalked on the street or harassed or whatever. I just want to be respected for my good work.

Was your sound always the same?

I was really acoustic when I was younger. I was really inspired by Bob Dylan and solo Oasis like when Noel would just come out on the acoustic. Cat Power and Patti Smith were the first two women to really inspire me. Just Cat Power and a really sad guitar was the kind of shit that made me think "okay I can play like four notes on the guitar but I don't care and I have things I wanna sing about because I feel it in me," Yeah I don't sound the same as when I'm playing with the band either.

Does it sound and feel a lot different solo?

Solo is really raw. I like playing with the band a lot. I don't get nervous any more but it's just nice to have some of my best boy friends there backing me up and you feel really confident and in Toronto especially my band [The Good People] are my best, best, best friends.

Were you best, best, best friends already?

My drummer, who helped me produce my first record, Thomas Paxton-Beesley is my best friend. He does his own shit under the name River Tiber and it's amazing. I met him when I was 13. So you're playing a gig right and someone you didn't expect to see in the crowd is in the crowd and you can look back at your best friends and they'll give you a reassuring look. Anything like that where you look over and you see your friend giving a sweet guitar solo you're like "yes so much love!" When I'm by myself it's scarier. It's like riding a bike and you think you could just swerve and kill yourself or everyone.

So you're 24?

24 but I'd rather be younger. When's your birthday?

I'm 20 it's April 22nd, yours?

October 15th, so you are a Taurus? I'm a Libra.

Are you into astrology?

Yeah I found this really cool bracelet on the street today [gets out red band with the infinity symbol in the middle] in Camden! I'm glad I found it!

So which star signs do you get on with again?

Well my dad's a Taurus and Thomas Paxton-Beesley, my drummer, is a Taurus. So that's good!

I've never actually met a Libra properly it's always been Sagittarius and Aquarius who are my close friends.

I have a friend called Tess who has the same birthday as me and she's a photographer and a musician. She's super talented and amazing. We're really similar in so many ways but I fucking love her. It's so weird to meet someone who's so much like you and you're like wow it's really cool hanging out with me right now.

Do you think you have the 'connection'?

We must be like some sort of linear, sky, starts kind of thing. I don't get to see her that much as she lives in Montreal but she's a really special human. She's in a band called She Divides.

I find myself listening to more male fronted bands, which girl bands do you listen to?

The only girl bands I find myself listening to are kinda old school like Patti Smith, Janis Joplin, Cat Power and Mazzy Star. And then my girl friends that are in bands. But if someone's like "hey listen to this new band" like Dum Dum Girls or something I just don't have a lot of time for that.

I'm one of the biggest Oasis fans of all time. I met Noel when I was 16. It's different meeting someone when you're 16 and being like 'OH MY GOD will you sign my CD?' and then if I met him now I'd be like 'mad respect'.

How did you meet him?

It's kind of an embarrassing story I was a really big Oasis fan so I went to this hotel I knew they were staying in in Toronto - this is really bad! It's a bit stalkery. But it was a really cold November, 9 years ago tomorrow. I remember the date because he was playing that night. My friend and I were freezing it was like -10 degrees already so we went into the hotel to warm up and he came out of the lift and said to come for coffee with him. So we did. He said apparently Bob Dylan was in the hotel. I didn't meet him but I did meet Noel Gallagher that day.

How did you come about working with Anton for the new album and what was it like?

Well I called him on Dead TV when I was 19 or 20 and said I was a huge fan or whatever. We just started talking on Twitter and when I was coming to Berlin I asked if he was going to be in town. He said yes and invited me to record some songs. I think he had heard some of the stuff I'd had recorded but he was basically putting faith into the wind. In September this year I went to Berlin again and I suggested we make a record. So we have 16 songs but we won't use all of them.

When is it coming out?

Right now it looks like April. My dad's birthday is April 25th so it would be cool to get it out for that.

How long were you in Berlin doing it?

I was there 11 days. Anton works so fast, he's mad for it.

That's insane! Well it explains why he has like 100 Brian Jonestown Massacre albums.

He's worked on a lot recently, he just busts it out. I saw them [BJM] at Shepherd's Bush in 2012 and this was when I hadn't met any of them, but I remember trying to get as close to the stage as possible so I could be like 'OMG I was really close to the stage of this band BJM' or whatever. But it's weird how if nothing else it's probably one of the coolest things that will ever happen to me. Like today I get to play Kevin Cummings gallery show. Inside me there's a 5-year-old who's seen those photos for the past like 19 years where I'm really excited and honoured and screaming inside. I wish the excitement didn't disappear though because I miss feeling that excited about life and music and art.

Is the excitement fading then?

Oh it is! It's not that I'm jaded but I don't get that adrenaline rush anymore.

Like when you hit like 1000 YouTube hits?

I was in a band when I was 15 called Pretty Penny with my best friend from Toronto when it was the height of MySpace and we had like 46,000 listens. We did well but now I think numbers are kind of stupid and you go on YouTube and your favourite song from the sixties will have 2,000 hits but a music video your friend made that was on VICE magazine has like 40,000 hits. It doesn't really mean anything. But at the same time if the 13-year-old me knew I'd get 1000 hits on YouTube I'd be so excited. I am excited now but I wish I was more excited. If I met Noel Gallagher now it wouldn't be like "wow my life is complete" it would be just a good day. I wish I had more to live for in that way. It gave me something to be excited for.

What would be your ultimate thing now then do you think?

Marrying Mick Jagger? What else is there! I'm happy now but it's like someone who's rich wanting more. I feel very rich and in love and life and good fortune and I don't want more it's just what more could I ask for? I believe in the secret and the power of positive thinking.

Yes I literally live by law of attraction!

Yes it's that kind of shit where it's like 'okay so I want really good things to happen to me today' or 'I want to find a ten pound note on the ground this evening' and you put that into the universe and forget about it and eventually it will happen. So far everything I've fantastically dreamt about in my life has come true. It's weird to know you have that much power over your own life. Like if you imagine a bus will come in two minutes, it will. It's like the world is a catalogue and you can say 'I want that, I want that'.

Has anything never happened that you've thought of in that way?

It's all come true.

Listen to Tess Park's new collaboration with The Auras, 'I Believe In Everything':