If you've got a Twitter, you're a writer. If you use Snapchat, you're a host. If you've got an Instagram, you're a shooter. We're all just artists. And if you've managed to keep a following, you must have some talent.

All Tommy Genesis has done is be herself. That's precisely why the Canadian-via-LA rapper, model and visual artist can take nearly two years between dropping projects to focus on other endeavours, yet the world is still paying attention. She has naturally positioned herself within the intersections of art all through the platform she was given and kept working.

But after recently signing a deal with Downtown Records, and returning from a European tour, the young unapologetic creative is ready to take things seriously and show her fans the product of her experimentation. A Tommy Genesis album is on the way.

Tell me about the European tour? How was performing for your fans there?

The highlight was definitely the kids. You go out there to a different city and it may be a city you've never been before. I feel like the vibe of everyone is so different. So, it's cool to play a show and meet different types of kids. Sometimes they're really psycho and punk and moshing and sometimes they're all girls who would be like if I went to a show. Super girl power vibes. Every city is so different and it's really cool.

What's one of those cities that you went to for the first time?

We went to the Ukraine for the first time and we went to Athens for the first time. There was so much. We went to Sweden for the first time. When you go to new places everything is new and you find inspiration in everything you see or people you meet. I thought Athens was really beautiful. Just the archetecture and the mythology behind all the ruins. We were walking through the woods and there were these weird tombs and old theatres and stuff like that. It was a cool feeling. When I was in Rome, I saw the colosseum.

Rome is so beautiful. The colosseum was a trip.

I'm also the type of person that when I travel, I also value the people who make me laugh. Or the conversations that I have along the way more than some big monument I see. Traveling is a little bit wasted on me, because I'm a really big home-body. I love to be home. But the one thing I do like about traveling is the shows. I'm never really into tourism. I'll walk around and try and catch the vibe. But it was a fun tour. It was a baby one. Now, I'll probably stay low and spend the summer in LA finishing my album and then next time I go to Europe for a tour like that, it'll be with my new music.

A fan recently tweeted you and said that 2017 needs to be the year you drop an album and you responded, "Done." Tell me about what you have coming up with that.

I recently signed to Downtown and Interscope Records, so since doing that, I've been a lot more strategic. I don't want to say serious because I don't really take things that serious. But there's been a plan. So, music will start to come out soon. And everything else. It's coming out this year. I'm excited to have the album come out, because I think it's just going to be a proper way to show people like hey, this is me now. This is what I've been doing now. As an artist, you change every day, you change every week, you change every month. Maybe you still relate to what you were doing a year ago, but maybe you don't. I have definitely felt like my music has evolved. The first single is coming out soon, so I'm really excited for that.

Your last project came out two years ago but fans are still so intrigued by you and just who you are by other channels. How would you describe the creative place you're in now?

Yeah, World Vision came out like two, or even a year-and-a-half ago. And I've put out maybe three singles since then. Everytime the press picks it up, they're like, "It's on her new album." And it never is. No. It's just a random track. Even 'Empty' isn't on my album and it's the most recent track I put out. All the songs on my album will come out in a different way. I'm also involved in fashion and stuff like that. Anyone can have a platform now. You just get an Instagram. You just get a Twitter. You just say what you want. You just be what you want. If the people fuck with you, then they fuck with you. If they don't, they don't. It's whatever. It's just online. That's why I think music is cool, because for me anyways, it's something that I just did randomly, but now I'm doing seriously. Everything that I feel like people have heard is just me doing it randomly. I haven't even put out anything serious yet. But it just goes to show that anyone can do it. Anyone can just try it and see if they like it. It's not anything exclusive. As far as interest goes, people are just interested in people. You've just got to keep doing you. I just do stuff.

It's organic. Your focus is being yourself. The rest of your team can figure out the other stuff.

That's how I live my life. Like, I am signed to a label now and someone else is focused on that. As far as I'm concerned, that's not my job. I just make art.

Do you care about existing in a certain spot in music? I know you coined the term fetish rapper but every single article I read about you mentions this term like they're trying to fit you into a box in order to understand you through a certain lens. Is that concerning?

Yeah, I just made it up, because I was tired of explaining things. But people just do that to anyone. You could be anyone and they'll just put you in a box. In any genre and any industry. At the end of the day, no one lives in my head. I live in my head. You can try to put me in whatever box you want but that doesn't mean I'm in there.

Catch Tommy in London for Meltdown and Wireless festival.