To celebrate the forthcoming release of their debut album, Trophy Wife are currently touring the internet via album teaser videos, and we're lucky enough to be able to bring you the fifth video in the series.

The video is sandwiched between these words, and an interview with Kit Monteith. You can also check out the entire video series by heading here.

You've been on the radar of many for quite a while now. Was it always intended to take as long as it has to release your debut album?

In short, No. But then again I always knew we wernt the kind of band that would rush our first record. It was a decision we made quite early on - we could either write and record at speed at the risk of putting out a record that essentially would end up sounding like twelve different versions of the same song, or spend a bit more time and give some breadth to our debut.

What can fans expect from the new album in relation to last year's brilliant EP release BRUXISM?

It has a strong theme in the same way Bruxism did, nothing overtly concepty, but something we worked around after discovering it in the songs and ourselves as we progressed. Also, We made alot of record with Andrew Halford who produced the track 'Seven Waves' on the Bruxism EP.

What has been the main inspiration for the band behind this new release?

Due to it being quite a long process our inspiration has shifted throughout, and I think thats been healthy. However, we've always thrived on the idea of creating a sound that reflects an underlying darkness beneath the surface of things. It exists in many areas our lives and the people around us so it makes sense to have inspired the record as a whole.

The collage trailers were a fantastic way of generating a bit of buzz around the album release. Was it intended as a hype generator, or was the aim something more personal and artistically driven?

It's certainly been artistically driven, the only buzz that concerns us now is when our amplifiers break. We feel that alot of bands, big or small, enter into the same old cycle or pattern when they're due to release a record...we wanted this to be a communicative thing, to give people a sense of how we've spent our time over the making of the record before it actually comes out. Thats why we're showing people sections of songs, acoustic versions, instrumentals and stems so that people can in some way trace the paths the tracks have taken instead of always presenting everything all neatly packaged right at the end.

Many of the teaser trailers (so far) contain no vocals. Are Trophy Wife venturing into instrumental territory on this new record?

No, although there is one instrumental track. Lyrics are just too important to us to go without them.

What's been the most enjoyable and hardest aspect of recording this new album?

The most enjoyable stuff is hard to explain. Firstly, its about discovering the right balance between the three of us and then holding on to that long enough to actually create something with it. Thats the difference between being in a band and working alone and that primarily is why this record sounds the way it does. The hardest stuff, as im sure many artist would testify too, is about perspective - losing it completely, finding it, then losing it all over again. Its a slippery business.

What UK live dates have you got coming up? I know your fans in Oxford are dying in anticipation for a homecoming show!

Things are getting sorted now for November and December. We do have something pretty special planned for an Oxford show sooner than that, but you know, cards close to chests and all that.

You'll be heading to Paris in November with Oxford music/art collective Blessing Force (including Jonquil, Chad Valley, Pet Moon). Have Trophy Wife found eager ears in Europe outside of the UK?

We've always loved playing in Europe and to go out there with our friends bands in November will be really special. For some reason Holland seems to be a bit of a hot spot for us, not sure why, I'm certainly not complaining though, I love cycling.

You've been making music in various forms for a long time now, playing in many bands across the years, is the passion to continue still there? Is creating music still your one and only career trajectory?

It's not my one and only path. I think it's a given now, even for people in bands with much more success than our own, that this is an unstable way of life. Even if things are sorted financially theres so many other things that can fuck with you. Anyone doubting that needs to go listen to the latest Sun Kil Moon record. I love what I do, it's weird though that being able to make that statement isn't always conducive to happiness.

Tell us about a great new band you're loving right now.

'Motherhood'...theres stuff in the pipeline from him that I think is gonna turn alot of heads.

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