At this point, it seems being misunderstood goes hand in hand with being an artist. Imagine the frustration one must feel when all they want to do is exert their creativity in a joyful way and still find difficulties doing so.

VÉRITÉ is a musician that would be very easy to misunderstand, but in that is the beauty of who she is and what she does. She's an unapologetic artist that knows she is destined for big things. It's not just her honesty and ambition that shows this, but rather the tenacity of her songs. She makes pop music - never allowing herself to compromise. She is who she is and she's going to make damn sure you know that.

The 405's Ken Grand-Pierre got to sit down with VÉRITÉ to find out where she wants to go with her music.

Reading your press release made me want to shout 'fuck yes' - I was partially raised in Rockland, upstate New York, and I can definitely relate to being from a town where people just got fucked up as a thing to do. With that said, do you feel songwriting was inspired from a need to branch out of that bubble or a need to express yourself? Or perhaps both?
Yes! I'm glad you understand upstate living. Writing was never something I did with intention. It wasn't a conscious thought of wanting or needing to express myself to others as much as it was a mechanism for processing constant rapid-fire thoughts.

When did you realise that singing is what you wanted to do and felt comfortable pursuing?
I've always been intensely focused on pursuing music since I was eight and started playing shows. It was never really a comfortable pursuit. Recently, feeling like I have a good understanding of what I'm after and what I'm creating, there's a much greater sense of ease.

It intrigues the hell out of me that you've been in bands since you were a teenager. Do you feel that you can look back on that time and feel as though you're a better musician now because of it?
Totally. I'm nowhere near where I'd like to be, but I've gotten to play with so many amazingly talented people over the years who have absolutely shaped who I am as a musician.

Has being part of the music world differed greatly from what you expected? Especially with being in a place like NYC?
It's weird to even think I'm part of "the music world" or any sort of music scene. I feel like I've created my own world around this project.

You're based in NYC now, do you find that your songwriting has changed since moving here?
It's definitely grown. Not sure if that's a direct result of living in NYC as much as it is a result of living on my own and growing in confidence.

'Strange Enough' is one of those tunes that has so much confidence to it, much more than you'd normally expect from an emerging new talent. Can you remember how you felt about the song after it was completed?
So funny you think that. I was so unsure of that chorus for a long time. I wrote and sent it off as a demo vocal and I remember my producer convincing me to keep it as is. Once final vocals were tracked, I forced myself into confidence.

It's also a song that speaks of relationships in a highly relatable way. Now that there's been some time since the songs release do you still find it quite relatable to your life?
On any given day it can take a different meaning. It's always relatable in some aspect. I try to not ascribe very specific meaning to anything I write and have a level of ambiguity which leaves it up to constant reinterpretation.

Has it surprised you how relationships can affect your songwriting or do you find that not to be the case at all?
Relationships have a pretty profound affect on my writing. Not in the stereotypical, romantic sense, but I do tend to try to rationalise what it means to be in relationship and define the how and why of it all.

Do songs ever feel complete to you? Over the years I've noticed that musicians, singers especially, always find it somewhat difficult to say 'this is it' when it comes to a song.
They do. I'm good at making decisions. I'll contemplate and rearrange for a while, but when it's time for something to be finished, I let it be and accept that it captured the moment it was intended to capture.

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