HIM, Hanoi Rocks, Eurovision song contest winners Lordi. This is the extent of most Brits' knowledge of Finnish music - over-the-top, novelty glam metal. It's hardly a glowing reputation.

Yet this completely blindsides a nation rammed with young creatives, taking influence from the musical waves in the US and UK descending upon their summer line-ups (the inimitable Flow Festival has become one of Europe's most reputable and eclectic festivals) and adapting it around their Nordic surroundings. In the case of Helsinki based rapper, Juuso Ruohonen a.k.a View, the UK grime scene has been of particular influence: "I listen to a lot of UK grime - guys like Skepta and Stormzy. My influence isn't coming directly from that though. Its the same genre but at the same time its so different. I like to listen to Thestand4rd and Spooky Black."

It's not surprising that View is able to take from these scenes and sounds and create something inherently different. His childhood was spent in the sleepy coastal town of Pori, a world away from Stormzy and Skepta's gritty, urban jungle backgrounds. "I lived their 18 years and then moved to Helsinki. It was hard growing up in such a small town. There is nothing to do there so that's why I moved out. The place I come from plays a big part in my music."

Despite this musical and cultural isolation, View was still able to forge a formative love for hip-hop that endured into his young manhood. "When we lived in Pori, there were these few guys who produced hip-hop beats and we sort of became friends with them. It was a really natural way. We went to the studio when I was 12 years old and started to hang around in the studios there because we like rap music and we wanted to make it. Nas, and the album Illmatic was my world when I was younger. It is still one of the best albums I've ever heard as I've grown up."

Moving to Helsinki, he quickly embedded himself into the small, yet tight-knit hip-hop scene with the likes of Biniyam and Noah Kin, helping to create a buzz within the capital and outside with View's 2015 EP Avalon seeing him hyped up as a serious contender to break Finnish hip-hop into the global public consciousness.

His latest single, Coldest Season, a brooding kaleidoscope of eerie, distant beats played under View's raspy, stateside drawl (a twang to whom he credits to a childhood friend - a refugee from Afghanistan who couldn't speak Finnish, only English with an American accent) saw him tackle the hype in lyrical form. "That song is about my last year. The time from releasing our first single and all the changes that happened. How people started to notice me and starting to pay attention. The main theme in that song is about me not changing even though the hype is getting bigger. Its not a sad song. My earlier songs, they are really personal and they focus on depression and alcoholism but this is the first song we did where we wanted to focus on the moment and not on the past."

Alongside his right hand man, producer Joonas Laaksoharju ("I get the idea and then he makes the idea", he tells me), View has been working hard in the studio with plans to put out an album early next year. "The album is going to come out next January. We have about 5 songs already made and we're going to put 2 or 3 singles out in the year from the album. The album is going to show a more aggressive side. I used to rap really high and really fast and we’re kind of going to go back towards that side."

Playing his debut UK show at the start of the year, this month sees the rapper return to our shores with an appearance at The Great Escape in Brighton. "Last time I was here I played at the Lexington in London. The crowd and the energy was really good and the people were just amazed that something like this comes from Finland. I am really looking forward to coming back."