Last week, L.A.-based artist vōx released her new EP I Was Born which features a title-track so strong, all other songs are taking the summer off. Vacation season is here for all the songs that aren't this song. With that in mind, we decided to quiz vōx about her creative process and career goals. Grab some knowledge below.


Which topics did you want to cover with your first EP, I Was Born?

I wanted to start at the core of myself, so the EP touches a lot on my anxiety, my self-doubt, the ways I've changed, how I've found my power.

What was the process like from going from putting out only singles over the last couple years to putting together this cohesive project?

It's so much more satisfying because you can form a complete thought through an EP. You can really tell a story, both visually and sonically.

How can one imagine your live shows? How would you describe the atmosphere?

The atmosphere is pure, bright, focused. And it's all about dichotomy. I like to sing completely a cappella, that's my comfort zone. Then I like to drop a really hard bass.

How would you describe your aesthetics and your visual language, like the style of your videos?

I like things that contradict each other, so I love purity in the form of nakedness. It's not sex, but you might be seeing all of my skin. It's my true form. I like it if you're uncomfortable. That means it's really affecting you.

What is your ultimate goal with your music?

My ultimate goal is to give back, I want to share the power I've found through expression. When I was a teenager music was honestly the only healing thing for me. I was deeply depressed, even to the point of thinking about suicide, but the music I was listening to gave me hope. So if I can give even one person hope through my art, then I've really truly succeeded.

What inspires you?

Everything we don't say.

What are you currently working on?

Two upcoming performances, one in Los Angeles on May 6th and one in New York on June 1st. They're both in old churches. I'm crafting a light show. I've commissioned a costume. And I'll get to perform the songs from my EP for the first time live.


You can find vōx over at Facebook. For more information on our Introducing series, head here.