2017 was quite the year for you, talk me through it...

2017 was a year of transitions… figuring out how to balance between writing songs but also then putting songs out, figuring out how to perform them live, what should we do for a video, what should the artwork look like, it’s a completely different headspace from where we were before and it’s been really amazing to be able to do all of these things, we can only hope that it continues on in 2018.

Is there any particular moment that really sticks out and defines the year?

Probably releasing our first song and getting the reaction that we did because we weren’t expecting any of it.

You started 2018 strong with the brilliant ‘Tongue Tied’, can you tell me a little about the making of the track?

A day when we were together this summer, I was just playing keys and Emma started singing the "oh oh" thing and it just came together from there.

Being a duo, you only have each other to bounce ideas and energy off. How would you best describe your creative partnership?

Good cop/bad cop.

You were operating in quiet anonymity throughout last year, what made you decide to stay behind lens?

The anonymity was initially there to just make people listen to the music and not worry about who was making it.

Do you think in our digital climate where artists are encouraged to share and remain ever-present on social media, it’s quite important to maintain a level of privacy?

Yeah I think it’s important to have a level of privacy. Everyone needs time to shut off and actually have time to chill out. It’s healthy to be able to detach and have some you time.

On the topic of digital, your tracks have been streamed/viewed millions of times, do you think it would have been harder for you to break through on a global scale without these streaming platforms?

Yeah definitely, it gives people a chance to release music and then see what happens from there.

You’re going to be playing Annie Mac’s Presents show later this month in Camden, are you looking forward to the show? Have you been listening to Annie’s Radio 1 show in preparation?

It’s the first time either of us has performed live ever so it’s scary and exciting all at the same time. I (Emma) live in NY so don't get Radio 1 there but when I’m in town I definitely give it a listen.

You’ll be sharing the stage with Jessie Ware, are you fans of her music? Will it add to the pressure?

We’ve been fans of hers from the start of her career and still haven't seen her live so we are both looking forward to that! And hadn't really thought about that until you just asked so thanks, [laughs].

Will you be test driving any new material at the show?

It would be a pretty short set if we only played the songs that are out, [laughs]. We'll also be playing some stuff from our upcoming ep.

Are there any other British artists you’re currently obsessing over, old or new? Any you may try and catch live whilst you’re in the capital?

Col3trane, Ray BLK, and Moss Kena.

As a pair you have a clear and strong sense of style, where does the inspiration for your visuals come from?

Emma did photography before she really got into music and we're also surrounded by super talented people so that helps.

Who are your absolute pop icons/idols?

Too many people and it changes everyday and then you remember someone and it’s too late.

Finally, for anybody who is new to you and your music, how would you describe it in three words?

Just. Go. Listen.

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