‘Say my name; say my name’, as the prophecy of Destiny's Child once foretold; For this is the basis of this weeks Mixtape from the 405. All of the tracks chosen consist of a name in the title - bar Join The Dots by Tim And Sam's Tim And The Sam Band With Tim and Sam, which I allowed due to the ridiculous amount of peoples names in their own name. Perhaps a tenuous link for choosing a Mixtape but a surprisingly tough one to finish given the plethora of name related songs. Here are some of my personal favourites. Some of the cannier of you may have noticed the inclusion of two ‘Tim’ tracks, doing myself no favours in attempting to disprove my egomaniacal nature. Enjoy! And please add your suggestions... Track Listings: 01 - Ibi dreams of pavement – Broken Social Scene 02 - Join the Dots - Tim And Sam's Tim And The Sam Band With Tim and Sam 03 - Kim and Jessie – M83 04 - Juno - Tokyo Police Club 05 - For Reverend Green - Animal Collective 06 - Saint Simon – The Shins 07 - Me and Mary - Asobi Seksu 08 - Terry - Hot Puppies 09 - Patty Lee – Les Savy Fav 10 - Gareth Brown Says - Mclusky 11 - Karen – The National 12 - Julia – The Beatles 13 - Timothy - Jet Click here to download!