Welcome to The 405 January Report. A long time ago we used to celebrate the passing of each month by compiling a site playlist for you to download and enjoy. Well ladies and gentlemen, that format is back. Every month we’ll be bringing you a brand new site playlist, as well as a brief report via a sexy looking iPad Book (or PDF if you don’t happen to have an iPad).

The iPad book was just an idea we had to try and make the playlist a bit more special, then it evolved into a 6 page interactive guide from the previous month. As you would expect, some things didn't work and certain things aren't how we'd want them to be, but we felt it was important to get the ball rolling. The process was a lot of fun, so expect one of these each month, and maybe special editions every so often. Hopefully you'll like it.


iPad Users

If you have an iPad you can download the book by clicking here (or search The 405 monthly report on iTunes). The book is interactive (in some places) - so have a play around with it.

Non-iPad Users

If you don't have an iPad, you can download it via PDF here. It's not interactive, so please take certain sections with a pinch of salt.


You'll find our January playlist below, which is free to download from Soundcloud (or here). The tracklisting can be found on the PDF/Book.