We need you.

We've always needed you, it's you that makes the 405 what it is, and it's you who keep us going when times get rough.

The 405 has grown steadily over the past five years since our inception to a level that we could never have anticipated. However we're not ones to rest on our laurels and are keen to continue this development over the next five years (keep those Stalin-esque five year plan comparisons to a minimum please - Ed), and to explore pastures new - place our bounding, incendiary footsteps on crisp untouched snow.

And we're after specific types of contributor to join us in this journey. In whatever location you are based.

The job role titles below are all pretty varied; however for any of the roles it's important that applicants understand our ethos, and share our vision across the board - in terms of both who/what we cover, and how we cover things (which is roughly 75% Passion, 25% flippancy.)

We're after the passionate humans, the ones not scared to tell us/the world a story, to break new boundaries, to express themselves freely and not be tied to the shackles of what has gone before us. Stamp your personality on your work. Ring up that act you've discovered on Soundcloud that you feel the world should know about, and find out their story and who they are (using any method/medium you see fit). Document that gig with your old film camera and snap that dude throwing-up in the toilets. Pitch us ideas for features/articles. Write for the sake of writing, from your heart; from long-form journalism that requires three weeks of your life in terms of research, to a brief friendly introduction to your new favourite act/technology product/artist/fashion designer, to an immediate opinionated response to a topic that has hit the Internet that day/week.

If you know the site, you'll know the style of music we cover - and it's important for contributors to 'get' this and be on the same page as us. We can't teach that side of things. Again, this applies to everything that we're involved with - fashion/photography/art/technology/etc.

But for a bit of clarification in terms of established acts, think Chance The Rapper to AlunaGeorge. Kelpe to Joey Bada$$. PINS to Factory Floor. The Weeknd to múm. Angel Haze to Tall Ships. Deafheaven to, well Fleetwood Mac. Washed Out to James Blake. Deptford Goth to No Age. Lapalux. And so on.

And more importantly, amazing acts you've unearthed that we've never heard of.

So if you're a talented individual in your field(s), passionate, proactive, flippant, humorous, (a cat lover), and the above ramblings somehow resonate/make sense to you - please do get in touch.

Examples of 405 work: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6


  • - Feature/Opinion-Based Writers [High Priority!]
  • - News Writers [High Priority!]
  • - New Music Writers
  • - Tech Editor
  • - Fashion Writers
  • - Film Writers
  • - Album/Live Review Writers
  • - Podcast Presenter
  • - Art & Design Writers
  • - Photographers [Learn More]
  • - Audio Engineer for Video Sessions [Learn More]
  • - Video Team: For Tech show [Learn More]

How To Apply:

To apply, please send an email to jobs@thefourohfive.com stating what area of the site you're interested in helping out with.

We'd also like you to provide examples of your work (if you don't have any, please write a paragraph or two on your favourite album/film/designer/photographer/etc of the year) and to provide a top 5 list of your favourite albums of the year (if applying for the music side of the site).

Sadly all positions are unpaid (though we have a tiny budget for the occasional one-off feature), so please bear that in mind when applying.