Wherever you are in the world: good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good night. It is time for your 5 a day.

One day, the UK government said, "You should eat 5 portions of fruit or veg[etables] per day." Turns out you should probably eat more than that. But we think it's pretty catchy, so we've hijacked it. Here we'll list FIVE pieces of music per DAY that we think you should check out. As the Italians say, we'll be catching two pigeons with one bean (prendere due piccioni con una fava): we help spread the word about MORE artists, plus we're giving YOU more music to listen to. It's all a joy for us, really!

Blank Body and drip-133 produce a track for singer sosi. There's a delicate beat from Icelandic producer beatmachinearon. Cute sounds courtesy of shini. A unique concoction of flavours made by hers. And ID Chief teams up with コンシャスTHOUGHTS for a spot of future funk. What more do you need at the end of a day with a tangerine sunset glowing out the window? Not much.

The ghost in your empty heart

The comfort of homely flavours

Practicing your favourite hobby

Realising you are in love with someone

Planning fun with your friends