Wherever you are in the world: good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good night. It is time for your 5 a day.

One day, the UK government said, "You should eat 5 portions of fruit or veg[etables] per day." Turns out you should probably eat more than that. But we think it's pretty catchy, so we've hijacked it. Here we'll list FIVE pieces of music per DAY that we think you should check out. As the Italians say, we'll be catching two pigeons with one bean (prendere due piccioni con una fava): we help spread the word about MORE artists, plus we're giving YOU more music to listen to. It's all a joy for us, really!

HXNS makes old-school beats and it feels nicely urban. Dominic Pierce makes crunchy-distorted beats with a hazy vibe. Tidur makes liquid-luscious-blissful sounds. Mitch Wade Cole takes us on a frenetic journey of electronic sounds. ELOQ and Qrion create some beach-friendly sounds. Life is good.

Watching the world go by from a café window with a hot beverage of your choice / Walking out of the café into the city

Getting frustrated at your lack of Gundam model-building skills

Walking around the countryside in an area you've never before explored

This is the sound of teaching a group of a alien visitors to earth how to dance Earth-like, and then they teach you how to dance in their style

Fun times out shopping for a new swimsuit; you pick one out decorated with never-ceasing colours that move like psychedelic oil-and-water projections. You look cute, but it's expensive. Buy anyway? [ Y / N ]