Wherever you are in the world: good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good night. It is time for your 5 a day.

One day, the UK government said, "You should eat 5 portions of fruit or veg[etables] per day." Turns out you should probably eat more than that. But we think it's pretty catchy, so we've hijacked it. Here we'll list FIVE pieces of music per DAY that we think you should check out. As the Italians say, we'll be catching two pigeons with one bean (prendere due piccioni con una fava): we help spread the word about MORE artists, plus we're giving YOU more music to listen to. It's all a joy for us, really!

Nocturnal chillment courtesy of Fortune. Then Padillion combines some sharp synths with swaying-tower beats. Soft marshmallow electronic sounds as part of some groovesome house courtesy of Jean Tonique. You also have anthxny on a very blissful, but sad, track. And to finish off, it's some feel good skiffly VGM-sprinkled synth-house: a collaboration between Hyleo and Ollygon.

Sounds like zooming around on a microscopic speedboat on the surface of a cocktail.

This is the moment you fall into that cocktail ocean; you're kind of drowning but not really minding at the same time (it's tasty!)

If we're going with this dying-in-a-giant-cocktail thing, then this track is moving through swirls of pastel clouds into the outer reaches of an otherworldly, hedonism-flavoured afterlife.

Sounds like paradise, but it's tinged with regret and remorse.

BOOM. You're awake— alive, in fact. How? Well, believe it or not, you were actually dreaming about the whole driving-a-boat-in-a-giant-cocktail thing. You've just woken up. Life is joyous~!