Wherever you are in the world: good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good night. It is time for your 5 a day.

One day, the UK government said, "You should eat 5 portions of fruit or veg[etables] per day." Turns out you should probably eat more than that. But we think it's pretty catchy, so we've hijacked it. Here we'll list FIVE pieces of music per DAY that we think you should check out. As the Italians say, we'll be catching two pigeons with one bean (prendere due piccioni con una fava): we help spread the word about MORE artists, plus we're giving YOU more music to listen to. It's all a joy for us, really!

Five tracks to pique your interest, whet your appetite, fill your boots with, get stuck in your head, and all the other clichés under the sun (even that's a cliché) — let's go! 1. It's Cameron Butler rapping elastic and acrobatic over a sparklingly organic beat courtesy of Nick Torres; 2. More magic from dojo. with so much chill and so much excitement rolled into one; 3. Here's Sirius Blvck with some pugilistic mega-hazy beats; 4. Elohim and BECOME. team up on the cold and voidsome 'She Talks Too Much'; 5. And finally, Krs. offers up a tasty beat for anybody to record over – you could end up featuring on the finished track.

Riding a train in the blue orange of evening.

Tightrope walking?

Dazed in the eye of a curling cloud of weed smoke.

Driving along a lightless road at night.

Majestic lounging. Can you lounge majestically? Like, atop a pyramid? If so, this is what it sounds like probably.