Hello! Welcome to the new site everyone! The site itself is an ongoing project so at the moment you're only seeing 90% of what the site will eventually look like. The major parts missing at the moment are the links, search facility, RSS and a few animation things (rotating feature/news/reviews). These elements will be phased in over the coming weeks/months, along with a few more tweaks. We really wanted to get the main part up and running for you all, rather than waiting a few weeks more for a fully finished product. You might see some issues with the background if you're using a wide screen computer (*we're sorting it) and a few image issues too. The site might be a little bit bare to right now but we're working really hard to import all the old posts. As this is a new site launch you might come across a few bugs, so if you spot anything you think we might have missed feel free to let us know at thefouroh5@gmail.com Firstly I want to thank Peter Roome and Rob Barwell for putting this whole site together. I approached them both last summer about re-designing The 405 and over the last 8 or so months these guys have been extremely professional and bloody great at what they do. From the initial pub meetings for the logo/website design all the way through to me pestering Pete about it being put together, both of them have been absolute gentlemen. So yeah, I owe you two so much and so does anyone else that regularly reads this site or works at The 405. I also want to mention the fact that a year ago today I published the first ever post on this site. Since then it's gone to places I never thought possible. I've made some amazing friends, met some amazing people and got a ridiculous amount of free CD's! All of this is down to the amazing team we have here at The 405 and to the people that come here and read our reviews/articles. Thats about it really. I really hope you like what we've created. Heres to another year! -Oliver Primus The 405