Hi and welcome to another news roundup bringing you the latest in music, art and entertainment. Well, it's another bank holiday Monday and it looks like everyone has been sleeping as the entertainment websites just contain news stories which are not really relevant to anyone living in England. Thankfully, some sites have not dozed off and I have managed to find a selection of bands that have some gigs coming up in this month. So in todays roundup, we have the news on Coldplay supposedly stealing a song, Amy Winehouse banning paparazzi from her London residence, Ben Stiller in a new movie and some tour dates for Maximo Park, The Sunshine Underground and The Twang. Enjoy! TOUR DATES: MAXIMO PARK, THE TWANG AND THE SUNSHINE UNDERGROUND On the 11th of May, Maximo Park are returning with their new album 'Quicken the Heart'. So what better time than now to go and see them in concert. http://www.tourdates.co.uk/maximo-park/gigs Also check out www.nme.com who are doing a competition due to Maximo's Park's new album. All you have to do is answer one simple question and register with the site, of course. The Twang are described as having the attitude of Liam Gallagher and Stone Roses but compiled with Happy Mondays and the Streets. Check out tour dates for this dance and melodic band who put the 'a' in ambiguity. http://www.tourdates.co.uk/the-twang/gigs The Sunshine Underground are one group who do not believe in conforming to one genre of music. So whether you like rock, pop, indie which is transformed by a funky dance beat you will love them. They are not to be ignored having already won live band of the year at the Leeds Musical festival. Now if this has not persuaded you to go out and buy a ticket then take a look at this: http://www.tourdates.co.uk/the-sunshine-underground/gigs CAT STEVENS: COLDPLAY STOLE MY SONG! Apparently, 'Viva la Vida' is very similar to his track 'Foreigner Suite'. And it took him this long to figure it out. Stevens says that he is not planning to take legal action against this. However in 2003, he also accused The Flaming Lips' song 'Fight Test' being similar to his song 'Father and Son'. See where this is going? BEN STILLER - HELP ME SPREAD THE GOODNESS Our comedy actor has signed on to direct this film which will basically revolve around a Chicago banker who  gets played by one of those infamous internet scams mostly involving a Nigerian prince who only needs your bank details in order to give you lots of cash. If only... Stiller's next movies in which he will act in include 'Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian' and 'Little Fockers'. WINEHOUSE WINS COURT BAN TO KEEP PAPARAZZI PHOTOGRAPHERS AWAY FROM HER HOME IN LONDON This means that any photographers will be prosecuted if they are found outside snapping away. Journalists are now complaining that this abuses the right of freedom of press. However, journos can still take pictures outside her St. Lucia home as the injunction does not cover that home. Winehouse is still on the Caribbean island and is expected to stay there for the future. She is hoping to record her third album in a specially kitted-out studio and also possesses plans to perform at the forthcoming St Lucia jazz festival.