Hi and welcome once again to the 405 News Roundup bringing you the latest in music, art and entertainment. In today's roundup, we have the Mighty Boosh, what is the current Bond girl beauty currently acting in, where artists earn most of their money from and why was Lily Allen given legal protection by a media law firm? MIGHTY BOOSH'S NOEL FIELDING AND BOLLO ARE TO DJ IN LONDON They are set to meet in The Arches in London Bridge on the Easter House Party club night. To check the availability of Easter House Party tickets and get all the latest listings, go to NME.COM/GIGS now, or call 0871 230 1094. OLGA KURYLENKO, LATEST BOND GIRL STARS IN NEW MOVIE Olga is to star in Neil Marshall's 'Centurion' playing yet another femme fatale. The movie is about her character Etain, who seeks to avenge her family's deaths and literally would like some Roman Blood. Her character has had her tongue cut out by the Romans but this only means that her other senses are more developed. It is set 63 years before Gladiator and if you liked the big G then you should love this one when it comes out. PERFORMING RIGHTS SOCIETY: ARTISTS EARN MORE FROM LIVE PERFORMANCES THAN RECORDINGS This statement is quite feasible when looking at how much people spend on concert tickets even though we are meant to be saving now. Live shows provide revenue for many new and unsigned artists as most music lovers now download from the internet rather than buying it from the music store. Live music revenues earned an estimated £904million in 2008 compared to £896 from recorded music. LILY ALLEN GIVEN LEGAL PROTECTION FROM HARASSING PAPARAZZI Media law specialists, Carter- Ruck have obtained a legal injunction to protect Allen from two paparazzi agencies which are Big Pictures and Matrix Photos. Photographers covered by the order must not pursue or follow Allen by any means or approach her within 100 metres of her home. They are also forbidden from taking pictures of her in her home or the home of any members of her family or friends.