Hi and welcome to another 405 News Roundup. We do our best to bring you the best and the latest in music, art and entertainment. In todays roundup, Muse talks about their new album, it is confirmed that Joaquin Phoenix is not mentally ill, why viewers of Eastenders have complained and which movie is Keira Knightly going to star in next? MUSE - OUR ALBUM IS GOING TO BE A HIT ON CLASSIC FM Frontman Matt Belamy created this joke just after finishing writing their latest album that features collaborations with an orchestra. He mentions that this album could be more of a classical rather than rock act. He says the band should be back on the road by about autumn time. Hmmm..... interesting to see how this turns out. JOAQUIN PHOENIX IS NOT MENTALLY ILL.... SAYS HIS PUBLICIST Susan Patricola has said that it was inappropraite of US doctor Paul Dobransky to say that there was 'something wrong' with Phoenix. This comes after Phoenix decided that he wanted a hip hop career and appeared disinterested on the David Lettermen show. Maybe David was not being interesting enough... Anyway. Patricola says that Dobransky cannot make these claims as he has no personal or professional relationship with Phoenix. Recently, Phoenix insisted that his ambition to launch a hip-hop career was genuine, and that music, not acting, “will be the dominant theme in my life." BBC RECEIVES 250 COMPLAINTS OVER ALL BLACK CAST IN EASTENDERS The BBC has received complaints over the first all black cast episode in its 24 year history. The episode featured character Patrick Trueman, played by Rudolph Walker, sharing his experiences of being a young black man living in 1950s Britain. It raised the issue of the Notting Hill race riots which some people who complianed felt were unneccessary. The BBC felt that they were justified in highlighting this painful event as it was part of the character's history. KEIRA KNIGHTLY, THE SCI - FI WONDER Knightly is to star in Never Let Me Go, directed by Mark Romanek and is based on the acclaimed sci-fi novel by Kazuo Ishiguro. It tells the story of three friends who grow up together in a boarding school, until they learn that they are clones, bred specifically for organ donation, and with a very finite shelf life. Romanek is said to start shooting for this film in London and Norfolk this April.