Hi Guys and welcome to another Friday and so another pre - week end 405 News Roundup helping. We try to bring you the very best in music, art and entertainment. In today's roundup, we have the Black Lips and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, news about the sequel to Meet the Fockers and who is Mark Ronson going to collaborate with next? BLACK LIPS CONFIRM THAT THEY ARE GOING TO BE PLAYING AT THE LEEDS AND READING FESTIVALS The band's Jared Swilley revealed this juicy bit of information when at the Southwest festival in Texas. They are the band most famous for hits like 'Katrina' and 'Bad Kids'. Catch them soon at a festival near you. YEAH YEAHS YEAHS: HAVING THE RECENT ALBUM LEAKED WAS EQUIVALENT TO A KICK IN THE STOMACH SAYS KAREN O Due to this leak in February, the band had to bring forward the digital release of their new album 'It's Blitz'. Originally, they were set to release the album in April but had to bring it forward to March the 9th. Karen O also commented on how the music scene has changed since they last released their previous album the majestically titled 'Show your bones'. And not in a very good way I might add. PETER SEGEL TO DIRECT SEQUEL TO LITTLE FOCKERS This director is most famous for his special comedic touch when he directed the 'Get Smart' movies, '50 First Dates' (awesome chick flick, according to moi) and the Longest Yard. He is to replace the current director Jay Roach. Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro are, of course, going to be the main players in this sequel. I do not care who is directing this movie; I'm just glad Stiller is going to be back on our screens. DURAN DURAN IS TO RECORD WITH MARK RONSON So these established rockers are going to add their name to the list of collaborators that Ronson has worked with which include Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse, by starting to record an album. Previously Ronson had collaborated with Duran Duran at a gig in Paris last summer and so perhaps that it what has got this party started. However, Duran Duran bassist player is also proclaimed to be a family friend of Ronson's. Duran Duran are also preparing to play their first British festival, headlining the Lovebox event in London in July.