Hey everyone! I hope you had an excellent week end. The 405 News Team are back to bestow upon you, our beautiful audience, the latest in music, art and entertainment news for today. In today's roundup, we have Jimi Hendrix, news about a 'Watchmen' spin-off, 'Doves' commenting on the performance of 'Elbow' and what exactly has MIA decided to call her new baby? Keep reading to find out.... JIMI HENDRIX 'REALITY STYLE' DVD TO BE RELEASED A new DVD that shows Hendrix relaxing offstage and in between gigs is to be released by the estate of the late guitarist. This Hendrix estate will release the DVD in conjunction with Universal Music Publishing Group. Also, an unreleased tape of 14 acoustic songs as performed by Hendrix is expected to be auctioned off for between 50,000 - 100,000. This tape first landed in the hands of Jimi's neighbor who was given the tape for just lending some milk! Finally this tape landed in the hands of Mark Sutherland and Paul Jackson who run the London's Cafe Music studios. They are able to auction off this product thorough the Fame Bureau on April 28th 2009. 'WATCHMEN' SPIN - OFF: TALES OF THE BLACK FREIGHTER BEEN FILM - ISED FOR DVD RELEASE This movie is based on Alan Moore's graphic novel and is about a marooned mariner whose crew was killed 'by the denizens of the titular dark-colored ship'. This marooned mariner then becomes convinced that this ship is going to harm the inhabitants of his hometown and so goes to warn them. This DVD will be released on the 6th of April 2009. DOVES: ONLY NOW ARE 'ELBOW' GETTING THE ATTENTION THEY DESERVE Fellow Mancunians 'Doves' are happy that 'Elbow' are getting the acclaim they deserve. It was 'Doves' guitarist Jez Williams who spoke out about this ahead of the release of the 'Doves' new album 'Kingdom of Rust'. M.I.A NAMES NEW BABY 'IKHYD EDGAR ARULAR BRONFMAN' It was rumoured earlier on in the week that she has called her newborn baby 'Ickitt' but today a birth certificate was obtained that confirmed the name in the title. All I can say is that celebrites go to strange lengths today to make sure that their child's name is original.