Welcome to another news roundup! Expect all the latest news on Royksopp, Footloose, Southern Records, Latitude Festival and Hinterland Festival.

Southern Records

Our friends over at Southern Records are muchos busy right now. They're putting out releases by The Paper Chase (picture above), Japanther, Tartufi, Clues, Subhumans and much more. Rather to ramble on about it we thought we would just link you to the two places you should go for more info! www.southern.com and http://southerneuro.blogspot.com


The crazy ambient duo form Norway are back with a new album/single and awesome video! Check it out below!

Latitude Festival

Those people over at Latitude Festival definitely threw everyone a curve ball yesterday when they announced that Grace Jones, Nick Cave and the Pet Shop Boys would be headlining this years festival! For more information/tickets go to www.latitudefestival.co.uk

Hinterland Festival

Geordi La Force has been added to this years Hinterland Festival! You can also buy "early bird" tickets for this years event by going to www.hinterlandfestival.com/tickets.html


For some reason a lot of people like Zac 'High School Musical' Efron. Personally I think he's as awful as they come. He was supposed to be starting in the remake of Footloose but decided against it as he didn't want to get typecasted as a musical kid. Too late for that mate.