Good Evening Welcome to another news roundup whereby we give you the latest news in the world of Music & Film. Todays roundup includes Chrome Hoof, Keane, Ladyhawke, The Never Ending Story, EAR PWR, MTV's Greatest Album and Jotta! Plus some MP3's for you to check out! - The 405

Chrome Hoof

Those experimental disco crazies, Chrome Hoof (pictured above), will be taking part in a special gig at the RIch Mix in March, which will see them collaborate with krautrock/ambient band Cluster. Click here for more info!


Those nice lads from Keane have been kind enough to offer us a free download! It's a special remix of 'Perfect Symmetry' by Innerpartysystem. Click below to download! MP3: Keane - Perfect Symmetry (Innerpartysystem Remix)


80's disco reviver Ladyhawke is celebrating the release of single 'Paris Is Burning' (Out March the 2nd on Modular) by giving away a nice remix of the song by Kim Fai. Click below to download! MP3: Ladyhawke - Paris Is Burning (Kim Fai Remix)

The Never Ending Story

It seems the title was not only cool but factual too as childhood favourite The Never Ending Story is set to be continued, or re-made depending on the news story you read. Usually I'm against the Hollywood remake machine when it comes to classics like that but to be honest I think it could work with this franchise.


North Carolina duo EAR PWR have just been signed to Carpark Records! These guys sound pretty interesting to me but don't take my word for it, download the song below and give us your opinion! MP3: EAR PWR - Future Eyes

MTV's Greatest Album

Every so often MTV come's along and tries to pin down an album to crown the greatest and each time it comes down to the same artists Oasis, Radiohead, Nirvana or Michael Jackson. Personally I'd go with Paranoid Android out of the candidates (it's not even my favourite Radiohead album though) but you can have your say by clicking here!


We've just been informed of a cool art collective site called Jotta who put together a load of interesting events and exhibitions! I've had a look through the site and think they're doing an amazing job so make sure you visit them at and say hi!