Hi and welcome to another 405 News Roundup. We bring you the best in music, art and entertainment news. Today's roundup features Lily Allen , Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher and his ego, Friday the 13th making a comeback, tour dates of artists rocking out, and of course, who were the last lucky people to record in a Led Zep studio that was going to be closed down? Keep on reading...

Latitude Festival 2009

Latitude Festival have confirmed for us that tickets will go on sale on the 23rd of March at 7pm. You can find out more information on the festival by clicking here! LILY ALLEN - I DO NOT KNOW WHETHER I WILL MAKE ANOTHER ALBUM Lily Allen has revealed that she is not sure whether she wants to have kids in the future let alone release another album. She has described herself as a 'live the day' person and does not know whether she will still enjoy making records in a few months time. She does not know whether she wants to get married but just wants to set the record straight that she is not actively looking out for a husband. But she does want to fall in love one day. All I say is that is it is good that she is not bound by the fame and life of a celebrity. If she wants to quit the music business and fulfill a life long dream then who are we to stop her. Show the world that you're a girl with a lot of talent. But, if she does live the music life for a bit longer, then I definately will not complain.

Crystal Antlers

Those Californian Psych-Punks, Crystal Antlers, are celebrating the release of their debut album 'Tentacles' (out April 7th) by giving away a free song! Click here to find out more about the band! MP3: Crystal Antlers - Andrew LIAM GALLAGHER: I AM MORE SPECIAL THAN JOSE MOURINHO When talking to Portuguese TV Station Top+, Gallagher said he was a big fan of Mourinho although he does not think Jose is as special as himself. After the Oasis current world tour, he wants maybe about six months off, before the band gets back in the studio to make another album. However, as this is not ultimately up to only himself, he is a bit unsure about the proper start date of the album. The Oasis world tour will call in the UK in the summer to perform a series of stadium shows. THE RECURRENCE OF FRIDAY THE 13TH Like this month's movie, the next in the series will take elements of the original franchise as a starting point, rather than a template, for Jason Voorhees thirteenth return, although director Marcus Nispel is not expected to return. The movie follows a group of glamorous teens find themselves terrorised around Camp Crystal. Platinum Dunes and New Line have yet to officially allow this project to go ahead. Spooky stuff. Keep your eyes peeled!! TOUR DATES VOODOO JOHNSON ""Phenomenal, one of the best unsigned albums i've heard" 5/5 - Adam Harold - Rocksomething webzine"Just quality, quality! Absolutely Superb, awesome rock tunes!" - Adam Green - BBC Radio Shropshire "if this band don't make it, I'll shoot myself in the foot. Twice" - Kirsty - Amp Strategy Magazine" Their epic sound has evoked comparisons with the likes of Led Zeppelin, Queens of the Stone Age and Velvet Revolver whilst maintaining a distinctive Voodoo Johnson sound. Voodoo Johnson Lead Guitarist Carl Gethin is a past winner of the Gibson sponsored 'Riffathon Studio' guitar competition judged by rock legends Jimmy Page, Brian May and Dan Hawkins! They have previously rocked at venues as the Manchester Academy, Wolverhampton Little Civic (In support of major label acts The Zico Chain, Sound Explosion and Sign) London's Hammersmith Palais, Liverpool's legendary Cavern Club and Cardiff Barfy. So, go on and show your support. Buy a ticket or at least just become a fan. They are one of the few bands who can combine old and new age rock and they deserve to be at the top of the charts one day.


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BLUR PRODUCER STEPHEN STREET LETS NEWCOMERS 'FLASH GUNS' BE THE LAST TO RECORD AT OLYMPIC STUDIOS Flashguns who release their single 'Locarno' on March 9th have recorded in Olympic Studios which has previously been graced by the presence of Led Zeppelin, Oasis and the Rolling Stones. Stephen Street offered them this once in a lifetime chance for free after seeing them perform a variety of gigs in London. He mentions being blown away by their energy and melody.