Hi! You are reading another addition of the 405 News Roundup bringing you the latest in music, art and entertainment. In todays roundup, we have the goss on what Jacko did next, the sequel to the Movie Transformers, what Zack Snyder, producer of the movie 'Watchmen' has been up to and some potentially shocking news about Razorlight. Keep Reading! MICHAEL JACKSON COULD DO A WORLD TOUR AFTER LONDON DATES Jackson has confirmed that he will do ten gigs at the O2 Arena and that these will be hs last dayes in London. After this, he might go on to perform around the world and Randy Philips, head of AEG Entertainment has said that there is a lot more to come. For example, a 3D Movie and future music releases. For now, it looks like the king of pop is back. SNYDER GETS A DIRECTOR FOR HIS NEW FILM Someone is a very busy man. With his film 'Watchmen' just be released in cinemas, Snyder has already found a director in Sergei Bodrov for his next film 'The Last Photograph'. It’s about two men who are inspired to travel to Afghanistan by the titular photograph and is based on one of Snyder's original ideas. RAZORLIGHT'S DRUMMER QUITS BAND Andy Burrows has decided to leave the band for what he termed were 'personal reasons'. He joined the band in 2004 after the departure of original drummer Christian Smith-Pancorvo and has co - written many of the band's successful songs including the hit 'America'. He will be replaced by David Sullivan-Kaplan and frontman Johnny Borrell is adamant that the band will move on. MEGATRON WILL RETURN IN THE SEQUEL TO 'TRANSFORMERS' Director Michael Bay has confirmed the return of the robot baddie in the sequel 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen'. Earlier, Hugo Weaving, who is the voice of Megatron, has already told the press that he had recorded a dialogue for the movie.