Words by: Rochelle Sampy Hi everyone and I hope you had an awesome week end. The 405 News Team are back to bring you the latest in music, art and entertainment. In today's roundup, we have, news on Oasis producing a new live album, which American rock chick and British comedian have paired up for PETA, movie gossip on the sequel to Twilight and what's up with YouTube? OASIS NOEL GALLAGHER TO GIVE AWAY FREE ALBUM WITH NEWSPAPER This live album, which was recorded when Noel Gallagher was giving a solo performance at the Royal Albert Hall, will be given away in this week's Sunday Times. It will raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust. From tomorrow (March 10th), fans will be able to download one track  a day from a special page on Apple's iTunes music store. The CD, being given with the paper that will feature the rest of the songs, includes a cover of 'All You Need Is Love' by The Beatles and The Smiths' 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out'. PINK AND RICKY GERVAIS _ WHO WOULDA THUNK IT? Pink and Gervais have promoted an anti - fur message for a PETA advert by dressing up as a crocodile and a rabbit, both who have been skinned for their fur. Definitely would not want to miss this viewing on TV! DAKOTA FANNING TO STAR IN TWILIGHT SEQUEL Fanning is to star in the sequel titled 'New Moon'. She is rumored to be playing the bloodsucker Jane in the Chris Weitz-directed movie. Her character is a member of the Volturi, a clan of Italian vampires and Jane has the power herself to create illusions of pain. Hmmm... sounds lovely. POPULAR MUSIC VIDEOS TO BE PULLED OFF YOUTUBE This unfortunate incident happened after YouTube in the UK failed to agree a new licencing deal with the Performing Rights Society for Music, the trade body that collects music royalties. This means that premium videos from artists on EMI, Universal, Warner and Sony and some indie label will soon not be able for the UK viewing pleasure. It was said that YouTube refused to sign the new licensing deal as PRS had proposed new payment terms that would be financially prohibitive for the site. Let's hope this is sorted soon and order is soon restored.