We interrupt our usual schedule to bring you a quick update from team 405. We just wanted to let you know that we're up for 'Best Digital Publication' at the Record of The Day Awards. The 'Just to be nominated...' line is often the reserve of hopeful/down-beaten Hollywood actors on the lead up to the Academy Awards but it seems pretty apt in this situation. Looking at the websites surrounding us, we honestly feel honoured to be stood near them. All of the sites on that list are places most of The 405 staff visit on a daily basis so we're definitely happy to be included. Although we don't feel we're worthy of yet winning this award (maybe next year?), we'd appreciate it if you voted for us. It only takes a couple of seconds and you can vote on other categories too if you so wish. It's worth having a look, even if you decide that someone else deserves it more than us! http://www.recordoftheday.com/awards/ Lot's of love, The 405.